Whether it’s your first year away from home or you’ve been going to college parties for as long as you can remember, there’s always something new to discover about the college experience. College is all about meeting new people and experiencing new things—and those are exactly the things that a good party has in store for you. The right mix of music, drinks, and company will make any event a night to remember. Here are the best tips for throwing a college party!

Food and Drinks

Every great party comes with great food and refreshing drinks. Make sure you don’t forget about these essentials when you are hosting! Pick snack foods that you’re sure everyone will love, such as popular chips or crunchy veggies. You should also have a variety of drinks on hand. Alcoholic drinks aside, purchase sodas, juice, and water so that every one of your guests can find something they will like.

Pick a Theme

Giving your party a theme can make the night truly unforgettable. If your party is around the holidays, that’s a perfect theme: everyone loves a Halloween party, or a Christmas get-together to spark the holiday spirit. Your party can have a theme all-year round, though. Think of films that you and your friends enjoy, or choose a few colours. Purchase decorations and make food themed around your choice for a great party.

Ask For Help

College parties can be a scary thing—especially when you’re a freshman and don’t have any experience with hosting. Even experienced party planners have moments when something goes awry! If you’re not sure how to throw a great party, you can always ask for help. College campuses are filled with tons of people who love to party, and most of them would also be more than happy to help you out with a few drinks or some food.

Safety First

Nothing will ruin a party more than someone getting hurt. Some party essentials usually include alcohol, vapes, and party games that could prove a risk to you and your guests. Make sure you don’t have too much alcohol and that your vape liquid is safe to use. E-Liquid UK is a great choice for safety and great flavours. Make sure all of your guests are feeling good and having fun throughout the party, too.

Think About Rides

If your party includes alcohol or runs late, you should think about how everyone will get home. You can do this by ensuring that everyone goes home with a designated driver who hasn’t been drinking, or you can make sure everyone has access to a ride-share application and can safely travel home through it. This might seem like a hassle, but it’s much better than dealing with a situation that ends in someone getting hurt.

Be Flexible

Don’t be afraid to change things up! Sure, you’ve planned out the perfect party, but if you want to switch things up, go for it! Be flexible with your location and time. Time is especially important in college: if you know that you’re going to be really busy during finals, you can plan your party for a more relaxed time. This way, you can put your all into hosting and have a great time without stressing about your schoolwork.

Choose the Right Music

The last thing that you want to forget is the music. Making a playlist before the party is a great idea to keep the music going all night. You want your music to reflect the theme of your party, and it’s also great to include the music that your guests enjoy. If you aren’t sure, you can always find a party playlist online and play that during your party. Music will make or break the atmosphere of your party, so make sure you choose wisely.

Be Mindful of Space

If you’re hosting a house party or a casual get-together with friends, you could end up with a large number of people attending. Make sure you only invite the amount of people that your space can comfortably hold! The key to ensuring that your party doesn’t turn into a disaster is to pick a space that is big enough to accommodate everyone that you want to invite but not so big that it feels crowded. Also, you can always consider renting out a space so that you don’t have people in your home and a large mess to clean up the next morning.

Play Games

Board games and card games are a fantastic way to make new friends and to get to know the people who are at your party before you head out to the dance floor. Board games are a great way to keep conversation flowing, to learn about new interests, and to help make sure that everyone has a good time. Pick a few games and let your guests choose the ones they’re most excited about.

Invite Everyone You Can

Make sure to invite friends from different social circles to your party. You might be wary of doing this, thinking that people won’t get along. However, the point of a party is to have fun and meet new people. The more people you invite and introduce to each other, the more fun your party will become! You never know who could become great friends all because of your party. This is also a great way to break up your usual crowd.

Let Your Friends Bring Their Friends

If you’re a party’s host, you might be missing out on meeting new people, considering you’re the one that invited everyone. You can fix this by telling your friends that they can bring their friends! This can make your party more fun and exciting, and can also help those who don’t know anyone else well feel comfortable. Of course, if you have limited space, you should tell your friends they can’t bring more than a few people each to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Your college years are full of new experiences, like parties. Don’t miss out on the joys of throwing parties as well as going to them! These tips will help you throw the best party possible. Make sure to have food and drinks on hand, to come up with a theme, and to ensure that everyone stays safe. Most importantly, make sure to have fun!