If you’re bringing a car to uni, then it can be a lot more cost-effective to get a second-hand car, and saving those pennies is going to help a lot when you’re at uni. However, there’s no denying that buying second hand does take away some of the allure of a new car in many cases, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with it. Here, we’ll look at a few ways to upgrade our second-hand car so that you’re not as reluctant to be seen in it and, more importantly, you can fall in love with driving it yourself.

Make it a more comfortable drive

If your car feels less comfortable when you get behind the wheel than a new car would, then it can definitely get in the way of enjoying your driving experience which will, in turn, make you feel more negative about the car itself. However, there are plenty of ways to increase the comfort of your driving experience. One of the most common is to refit the upholstery on your seats, upgrading them with leather or material that is a least a little less worn down. However, one upgrade that you will really feel, especially in the summer, is some new air con for a second-hand car, which can also help to upgrade its value.

Make it feel truly yours

One of the little bothersome feelings that can get in the way of loving a new car as much as you should is when it simply doesn’t feel like it’s truly yours, but someone else’s. There are plenty f ways to customise your car. A paint job is really effective at bringing some new life to it and enhancing its aesthetic, but can also be a lot more expensive. One other option is to get yourself some custom number plates. You can add your own personalised stamp to the vehicle, adding sentimental as well as collector’s value (in some cases) to the ride. You can register the plate to different vehicles as well by transferring it, so it doesn’t have to remain stuck to one car if you’re feeling a particular connection with it.

Fix it up just right

You should always check your second-hand car closely, with both a test drive and a trip to your mechanic, to ensure that it’s working right. However, if everything important is functioning as it is, then you might notice some of the more subtle issues that can get more annoying over time. To that end, you should get an idea of where you can get good spare parts for your vehicle and take the time to make the little fixes that can get in the way of your driving experience. Of course, you can always take the problem to your mechanics and have them fix it for you, too.

The cost of getting a second-hand car and improving it a little with the above investments is far and away still much cheaper than buying new ones, so consider showing yours a little extra love and care.