Ferry Corsten talks to Student Pocket Guide about What The F tour, Godskitchen 25th Anniversary party, travelling, top tunes of 2022, and exciting plans for 2023!

Ferry Corsten interview by Ben Farrin


Hey Ferry; how are you keeping? Where are you now and what can you see?

I’m good! I’m currently at home, looking at a frozen lake and getting ready to ice skate later today.

We last spoke in May of this year, right before your What The F tour kicked off. It’s an honour to catch up with you again. Kindly summarise the year for us. How’s 2022 treated you?

2022 has been one of “hit the ground running.” As soon as the COVID restrictions were lifted earlier in the year, it was pretty much back to full throttle with some incredible shows and music releases. It’s been busy, but a lot of fun.

What The F, took you through some huge American states. What’s it like when you play in America, a place known for everything to be bigger and better? Do you get more excited about America due to the scale of the place and opportunity it provides?

Bigger is not necessarily better! I’ve played in some smaller places as well which arguably were better than the big places. What the F has been incredible so far. It’s humbling to see so many fans knowing so many of the tunes that I have produced over the decades.

When you travel long haul, what do you do you do? Listen to music, watch movies, sleep?

I always have a habit or ritual as you could say when I travel. Working after take-off, until the mealtime, then the laptop goes away, movies come on, and I let myself fall asleep until about an hour before landing.

What are your top 3 tunes of this year, that get the biggest reaction?

  1. BLR and Anamé – Influencer
  2. Ferry Corsten & Ruben de Ronde – Bloodstream (Cubicore Remix)
  3. Marco V & Vision 20/20 – Aurora

Can we talk about your recent releases, which lend themselves to a more house kind of sound… what inspired you to make this switch?

I love the combination of groove and melody and frankly, I’m very tired of the 140 trance stuff.

Who’s new and hot on the scene right now. A DJ/producer that’s caught your attention?

I really like what Matt Fax is doing. Anamé are doing amazing stuff as well. I’d suggest keeping an eye on both in the new year.

Ferry CorstenYou’ve been at the top of your game, pioneering the scene for many years. In terms of where electronic music is at currently, how do you feel about new electronic music and the clubbing scene?

I think with the aftermath of COVID, people were raring to go and party again. That is certainly something I’ve seen and felt in this scene this year. Dance music has always been eclectic but even more so now where techno is now rubbing shoulders with trance, which is rubbing shoulders with house.

On Saturday 17th you join the line-up for Godskitchen in Birmingham alongside Paul van Dyk, Judge Jules and more for the 25th Anniversary party. Are you excited to be back? And what memories do you have of the iconic club night?

Excited to be back in Birmingham for the 25th anniversary. I’ve had a lot of memories with Godskitchen since the start of my career and they have always supported me. I’m grateful for this. It will be great to be back there again for a truly special night alongside some legends of the scene.

What are your plans for 2023?

I’m planning a Ferry Corsten album, and another album under my ambient project FERR. There will be a lot more of the What the F shows to come and I’ll also be planning some Resonation shows as well, born of my weekly Resonation Radio show. It’s all go in 2023!

Ferry Corsten interview by Ben Farrin