5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects While Still at University

While many of us love the university life, it doesn’t last forever. Whether you’ve just started your first year or your last one is coming to a close, soon enough you will be entering the working world. Before this happens, it’s a good idea to establish exactly what career you want to go down. Once you’ve done this, there are certain things you can do that will boost your career prospects and get you on the right path. Here are some of our suggestions.

Take Online Courses

While we don’t doubt a large chunk of your university time will be spent studying, there are online courses you may be able to cram in alongside learning that can set you up for a successful career. You can try online training courses from iHASCO. They provide an extensive library of high-quality, accredited courses. There are many online courses you can easily fit around your studies.

Get Job Experience

Going into the big wide world after university can be a frightening experience. If you’re worried about what the future holds, getting some on-the-job experience may be wise before you’re doing it for real. Look into applying for apprenticeships that you can take part in and gain valuable experience and knowledge. Whatever sector you want to go into, having this on your CV will make you stand out to employers over other candidates. You can also network with others in your industry that could help when it comes to securing employment.

Speak to a Career Service Adviser

Regardless of which university you study at, they should have career service advisers and counsellors in place who you can talk to regarding graduate jobs. Being able to talk to someone about your career plans can not only cement your actions in the future but give you some expert advice on what steps to take next. You can use this time to set out goals to work towards once you graduate.

Consider a Placement Year

Another way to boost your career prospects while at university is by either extending your internship or going for an industrial placement. Learning that’s linked to a certain sector will increase employability. While you will be at university for a year longer, having a placement year can teach you transferable skills and knowledge that can make it easier to secure work once it’s all over. Take a look at whether your university offers a placement year.

Join Social Groups

Joining social groups at university can be a fantastic way to engage with like-minded individuals. Getting to socialise with others can be useful for making contacts. When you become a graduate, you can share notes with those in the same boat about what steps to take to find work.

Ideally, you would leave university and find yourself in a graduate job within a matter of weeks. While we can’t confidently say this will happen to you, there are plenty of strategies you can take while at university that can increase your chances of finding and securing your dream job.