Are you seriously considering a career as a Forex trader and want it to become your full-time job instead of a hobby? Have you heard various stories about how motivated traders made Forex a professional occupation that allows them to make significant profits?

Whether you have just stepped into the world of Forex or have been in this business for some time, it is crucial to know that it is an extremely volatile market with an average of 6.6 trillion dollars in daily turnover.

If you are seriously interested in a career as a Forex trader and want to make it your main and only job, here are some useful tips that will speed up the whole process.

Find a perfect Forex trading strategy

The first step towards a long-term and serious Forex trading career is to find an excellent trading strategy suitable for your trading habits and style. The pin bar strategy, where you will use the pin bar candlestick the most, could be one of the most effective Forex trading strategies that can result in huge profits.

If you consider yourself a short-term trader who can’t wait to achieve profits, the best strategy is day or trend trading. On the other hand, if you’re a long-term trader, it’s best to choose a position trading strategy. The key is finding a strategy that’s the best for your trading goal and sticking to it.

With a proper trading strategy, you can do more in the volatile and dynamic Forex trading market. Start small and try different strategies before you determine which is right for you. Make a trading plan and goals you wish to achieve in a certain period.

Ensure you’re dealing with a regulated Forex broker

If you want to do Forex trading professionally, it’s inevitable to deal with a trustworthy and regulated Forex broker. The regulation gives you a certain warranty that it’sit’s a legitimate company where you could feel safe. Most unregulated brokers could result in fraudulent ones that may steal your info.

Regulated brokers are often of the highest quality that, includes:

  • Relevant Forex trading educational material
  • Non-stop customer support to its clients
  • Ease of deposits and withdrawals
  • No hidden costs
  • Great variety of accounts available, and much more!

Practice trading daily

If you have been trading on the Forex market periodically because it was a side hustle, it is logical that you are not at a professional level yet. Practice makes perfect in any field, so it’s important to work daily and learn from more experienced professionals.

If you have been devoting only an hour or two to trading until recently, try to double it. Allocate your time effectively, and practice theoretical and practical learning and practice, even if it includes going back to a demo account.


Try to define your trading goals and find a role model in Forex, according to the principle of which you will trade with an adequate trading strategy and with a verified good broker regulated by a financial regulatory body. Good luck in achieving your Forex trading goals in the long run!