A gaming mouse plays a significant role in a gamer’s life. They can assist and bring feasibility to gamers in every game out there. The market for gaming mice in 2023 is vast, and you can find a gaming mouse in every price bracket you want.

Although the cheaper you go, the harder it is to find a good gaming mouse that sustains in the long run. A less expensive mouse would have fewer features, and its quality wouldn’t be up to the mark. 

However, if you want a gaming mouse that has it all and is under £30, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss the top 5 best gaming mice you can get for under £30. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. SteelSeries Rival 3

  • Weight: 77 Grams
  • Sensor: SteelSeries TrueMove Core
  • Lighting: RGB
  • DPI Range: 200 – 8,500
  • Buttons: Six

If you are looking for a lightweight yet medium-sized mouse, then the SteelSeries Rival 3 is the one to go with. The mouse is excellent for all-around gaming, and the overall quality makes it number one on this list. The SteelSeries Rival 3 offers a flat, symmetrical design that is wide at the rear and narrow at the front. 

The design of the mouse is ideal for claw grips and fingertips, as the wider rear side of the mouse ensures that claw grippers get a comfortable grip. The SteelSeries TrueMove Core sensor is another feature of the mouse which proves that this mouse is worth buying. 

The sensor works consistently, and you wouldn’t have to worry about jitter or spin-out issues while you enjoy your games. All in all, the mouse is excellent for gaming. However, the only problem you could face is with the mouse’s cable. The cable is rubber and is a bit stiff, but against the price tag of under £30, this mouse is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

2. Razer Viper Mini

  • Weight: 61 Grams
  • Sensor: Razer Optical
  • Lighting: RGB
  • DPI Range: 100 – 8,500
  • Buttons: Six

The list of gaming mice would feel incomplete if we don’t have a Razer mouse in it. Finding a gaming mouse by Razer is challenging if you are under a budget of £30, but we managed to find this one and another one (discussed later) for you. The Razer Viper Mini might be one of the cheapest mice produced by the company. 

Though you will find cutbacks in button allocation and sensor quality, they are all acceptable for such a price tag. The Razer Viper Mini follows the design of the Razer Viper mice, which means the mouse is slightly long, but the design is perfect for fingertip grips. 

However, on the downside, the mouse doesn’t offer left-handed thumb buttons, which can be annoying for some gamers. 

Furthermore, the mouse also uses the Razer optical sensor, which offers a maximum DPI of 8500, whereas the latest Razer Focus+ optical sensor provides a DPI of 20,000. However, it’s just a difference on paper because the Razer Viper Mini will cooperate in intense gaming sessions and won’t spin out in situations where you need it the most.

3. Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse

  • Weight: 82 Grams
  • Sensor: Optical
  • Lighting: Single-Colored (Switchable)
  • DPI Range: 200 – 2500
  • Buttons: Nine

If you feel like six buttons on a gaming mouse aren’t enough, then the Logitech G300s gaming mouse has you covered. The mouse is relatively small but offers nine programmable buttons. You will find six buttons on the top of the mouse along with the two usual clicks and mouse wheel. 

The best part about this mouse is that all nine buttons offered are freely programmable in Logitech’s software, making the device ideal for MMOs and productivity situations. You will also find three preset profiles from Logitech: FPS, MMO and “productivity.” 

The default presets can also be overwritten according to your requirements. However, on the downside, the optical sensor used by Logitech is an unspecified old sensor. Furthermore, the maximum DPI of the mouse is 2500, which is not the best in competitive gaming.

4. Corsair Harpoon PRO Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Weight: 85 Grams
  • Sensor: Optical Sensor 
  • Lighting: RGB
  • DPI Range: 12,000 maximum 
  • Buttons: Six

If you want a mouse with a minimalistic and elegant design, then this mouse is the one for you. You will find no backlit area beside the logo in the Corsair Harpoon PRO. RGB lights illuminate the logo, and the intensity of colours can vary. 

The mouse offers a decent optical sensor along with an impressive DPI range that goes up to 12,000. The Corsair Harpoon PRO provides a compact design which offers user-friendly handling making the device ideal for gamers. 

You will also find six fully programmable buttons which you can customise according to your requirement. However, the only con of this mouse is that it is designed only for right-handers.

5. Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

  • Weight: 96 Grams
  • Sensor: Razer Optical 
  • Lighting: Single Color
  • DPI Range: 200-6400
  • Buttons: Five

The last gaming mouse on the list is for players looking for an ergonomic mouse by Razer under £30. The Razer DeathAdder Essential is the gaming mouse which is a refreshed version of the older DeathAdder models, but this one is budget-friendly. 

The mouse and it’s specs are old-fashioned, but the device can still do the job. The DPI range is comparatively low and only reaches a maximum of 6400. The Razer Deathadder Essential is a quick fix rather than a long-term solution. 

The mouse might seem too old-fashioned, but it still works well for right-handed users. The only downside of this mouse is its weight and stiff cables, as it’s not a lightweight mouse and the cables offered in this model are rigid, which is also a common feature with many older designs.


There are a variety of different gaming mice you can go for. However, you need to choose the mouse that offers accessibility, customisability and a comfortable grip. This way you can enjoy your favourite games for hours without feeling restricted or limited by any factor. We hope this list helps you decide which gaming mouse is best for you, and that we helped save you some money – happy gaming 🙂