Maddy V is a talented writer, rapper, host, and artist who’s on a successful music journey. Having started writing in 2016, she’s had a huge year of successes including new releases, new gigs, new fans and lots of fun! We caught up Maddy V to talk about her achievements, festival season and future plans…

Maddy V interview

2022 was a huge year for Maddy V! Can you describe how you’re feeling right now about the success you’re deservedly getting?
Very overwhelmed, very grateful. Can’t wait to see where it will take me.

It won’t be long until festivals start getting talked about. Are you going to be on the festival circuit yourself much in 2023, and are you fully charged?
I’m really excited for the festival season, had a nice amount of shows already booked so can’t complain really, just ready to be in a field again surrounded by music.

Maddy V

Maddy V interview

I’ve watched a lot of your live kitchen sets with Mila Falls and Ms Pink. You girls sound amazing! Not sure the neighbours will appreciate it like the viewers do, haha?
I love doing the kitchen sets and can’t wait to do more live shows out with the girls. The neighbours love it!

You even aired on BBC Radio 1 recently! How did that come about?
That would be thanks to the amazing Charlie Tee. Make sure you check her Radio 1 drum and bass show. I was so grateful when she invited me on her show to do the Xmas special. Watch out for more power moves from us!

It’s literally full on with your music right now isn’t it! You’re also in a new group called 180 Society – can you tell us more about this?
180 society is made up of Charlotte Devany, Dj Mills, Tempa and myself. Was created by Charlotte and we play a mixture of drum and bass styles and I get to mc/host! Can’t wait to get on some more shows with them ASAP. Love to Charlotte for bringing me in.

In terms of your music releases, what’s the plan?
The amount of unfinished projects is ridiculous. But I’ve spent the winter finishing them all and now I’m ready to record and get some more content out there. Got some big international collabs in the pipeline!

How long have you been rapping, and where do you draw inspiration from?

I started in 2016, that’s when I first ever started writing my own raps. I like to write stories, usually about stuff I’ve been through. What inspires me the most is the music itself. Usually I’ll hear something I really wanna write and then wait for the perfect subject to appear.

What are your top 3 DnB tracks?
1) Sam Binga – Proud feat. Rider Shafique and Tiffanie Malvo (Enei Remix)
2) Camo and Krooked – Good Times Bad Times
3) Monrroe Ft. Zara Kershaw – Out Of Time

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Camo and Krooked.

As an up-and-coming artist, where do you see your journey taking you in the next year or so…?
Just really focusing on my music. I have been working on my debut EP. With this I hope my music will allow me to travel further around the world.

Who is Maddy V, and what does she represent?
Well I always want to represent positivity. I tell stories about my life and hope others can relate. I represent going after your passion no matter who laughs at you.


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