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Huel is leading by example

It’s far more common for people to write online reviews and post on social media complaining about something than to praise good service. We believe more should be said when shopping experiences, products, and customer service exceed expectations. I want to point out that we have not been paid for this write-up. Nor did we receive free products. Instead, I was so impressed by the overall experience and support from Huel, that I wanted to spend some time to share the positive experience.

Huel v3.0 Black Edition

As a part of my ongoing goal to get fit (which I’ve managed to solidly stick to for 3 months), I decided to order a product to help me achieve my goals. My fitness goals being to lose weight whilst ensuring I get all the nutrients I need, and also reducing the time required to prepare and cook meals. Enter Huel. I was sceptical at first. Especially as I read you can add water instead of milk to their shakes. This led me to believe the drink would lack flavour. How wrong I was. I’ve tried Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate, and Banana Huel Black Edition powder drinks. They all taste incredible. I think Chocolate is possibly my favourite but it’s a hard choice as they genuinely all taste amazing.

What surprised me even more is how full they really do make you. You’re supposed to build your way up increasing the amount of scoops and drinks you consume per day. I’ve stuck to 1 scoop with 250ml water every morning instead of breakfast, and sometimes I’ll have another one to compensate for a light snack during the day, whilst eating normally at all other times. I can honestly say that Huel has helped me lose weight whilst getting the right nutrients my body needs.

I was so impressed I ordered the product again. This time I ordered Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Banana. The drinks are extremely easy to make and convenient. Simply add 1-2 scoops to the required amount of water, shake for 10 seconds and drink!


The email notifications and updates you get are impressive. You can tell there’s a lot of passion behind this brand. You get instantly welcomed and feel a part of a team. Huel communication is spot on and written in a way that makes you feel good.

Adventum UniAcco

Huel Special Offers

It just keeps getting better, because I also took advantage of an offer which meant the Huel Salted Caramel v3.0 powder drink which is usually £28.50 was FREE! This special offer (which I presume is still running), is available to new subscribing customers who spend over £46. There’s no obligation to remain as a subscriber if you don’t want to. Plus, I got a FREE Huel t-shirt, and a FREE Huel Shaker! I placed the order yesterday (Saturday) at 12:30pm, and the box of goodies arrived today at 10am delivered by DPD! Another mention is to their social media team because I had a query and reached out on Facebook, I quickly got a reply from Rianne who was extremely helpful and nice. 


Just to recap, I received Huel Black Edition Salted Caramel v3.0 powder for free (usually £28.50), a free Huel shaker (usually £10), and a free Huel t-shirt, spending a total of £57, and the products arrived in under 24 hours! I already know they taste amazing and have helped me achieve my fitness goals. This brand is very impressive and sets a standard for other businesses and brands to follow. With amazing products, customer service, and the feel good approach they deliver I can see myself being a long term customer happy to spend my money with them. As a thank you back to Huel and a way to give them well deserved recognition, I decided to spend a couple of hours today to write and prepare this article and took the picture just moments ago, of the goodies I received this morning that I look forward to using!  

Well done Huel.