Cycling increases body fitness and improves cardiovascular health. This does not have to be an outdoor practice on a bike. Riding a spin bike or other stationary bike achieves the same result. You can get your heart, muscles and lungs well exercised without facing the harsh weather or the hazard of outdoor riding.

On a spin bike, you can easily improve your cardio health and strength with less burden on your joints. Why should you consider a spin bike? What are the key benefits of using one? These questions are answered in detail by this blog.

What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike is a type of stationary bike that has the most resemblance to outdoor cycling. It has big flywheels with resistance similar to that of a road bike. The resistance level can be adjusted based on the exercise goals of the user. Spin bikes are commonly found at gyms and training centres for cardio programmes. You can also have your spin bike at home for wholesome exercise for your body.

Spin Bike Vs Upright Exercise Bike

There are other stationary bikes asides from spin bikes, a popular option is the exercise bike. Exercise bikes and spin bikes are quite similar as both are stationary bikes. But there are key differences between them. Generally, spin bikes are more suited for intensive workouts to build strength and cardio abilities. On the other hand, upright exercise bikes are more versatile and less rigorous. Below is a summary of the differences;

  • A spin bike gives a more similar outdoor riding experience than an upright exercise bike. Because of its shape, you can adjust your body more like when riding a road bike on a spin bike.
  • The flywheel in the spin bike is bigger and with more resistance. It is more challenging to use a spin bike than it is for an exercise bike.
  • The seat in a spin bike is smaller and less comfortable than in an upright exercise bike. This makes the spin bike more versatile in changing riding positions.

5 Main Benefits of Using a Spin Bike

Increases Cardiovascular Fitness

The use of a spin bike is a great way to build cardiovascular health, strength and endurance. Cycling is an aerobic workout and it helps to exercise the heart, strengthen the lungs and muscles. The heart pumps blood well and oxygen gets well distributed across the body parts during cycling.

Increased cardiovascular health results in several health benefits. Better brain functioning, increased memory, better sleep, normal blood pressure and sugar levels, improved mood are some health benefits of cardiovascular exercises on a spin bike.

Low-Impact Indoor Riding

All stationary bikes offer a low-impact workout. There is a very slim chance of sustaining injury when you use a spin bike right. It is safe and easy on your joints and bones while it strengthens them. Even for people with some injuries, using a spin bike is good to aid their recovery.

Other forms of exercising like jogging, running or jumping are high-impact since they put more pressure on body parts. The knees, ankles, hips, shoulders can sustain injuries from such rigorous activities. On a spin bike, there is less stress on the body joints but they still get well exercised.

Aids with Weight Loss and Burning Fat

Weight loss can be achieved when you burn more calories than you take in. With increased intensity workouts on a spin bike, you can burn more than 500 calories within an hour.

The weight loss journey will be easier since you can have the spin bike at home. You can workout more often. In the same vein, you will burn more fat. The combination of cycling and appropriate diet regimen will result in a better body shape quickly.

Exercises the Muscles

It has been talked about how stationary bikes offer low-impact workout. Despite this, it exercises the muscles and other musculoskeletal structures. The muscles in the legs such hamstrings, quadriceps and calves are toned while riding on a spin bike. Beyond your legs, the muscles around your core including the back, stomach and pelvis get well exercised.

Convenient Workout

You need not bother with the weather condition to use a spin bike. Also, it is safer to ride stationary bikes than a road bike. There is flexibility with the workout schedule. Since you’re not waiting for a time of the day to set out for cycling. The time taken to achieve your workout goals can also be shortened when you opt for indoor cycling. The anytime usage makes it convenient and easy while you still meet your fitness goals.

Final Spin

Riding a spin bike can get you above your workout goals. It is an excellent choice for improving cardiovascular health, building strength and exercising the core. Spin bikes are very similar to road bikes and will thus give you the benefits of a road ride while avoiding the hazards of the road. You can get those excess fats and calories off by staying consistent on your workout plans.