It’s important to stop sometimes. We get so wrapped up in “life”, taking a moment to pause from studies, responsibilities and stresses, and reflect, can be very beneficial. Not only can putting yourself first have great impacts on your self esteem and health, it can also be fun as you might learn new hobbies in the process! This article is all about taking a moment for yourself, and investing in YOU! 

Invest in Yourself


Take for example your diet and what you eat… when was the last time you went to the supermarket to buy ingredients and specifically cook a meal packed with health? Yes, including vegetables! If you see this as a chore, don’t. Cooking can be fun, creative and the better you get, the more you can impress friends, family, and a future date! I’m not going to go into details here about recipes, we’ve got a separate food website for that ( All I’m trying to point out is that cooking healthy is easily skipped when living a busy lifestyle. But it doesn’t need to be. Try and make time for it, enjoy the process and let your body reap the rewards!


The days are getting longer, and before we know it spring will arrive. As the weather warms up and the darkness fades, we can enjoy road trips, weekends away and travel adventures. Taking time to explore new places near or far can be fascinating and introduce us to new cultures. Why not pick a place on Google Maps you’ve never been before, organise a few friends and simply drive there! Travelling can open your eyes to so much. New experiences, new friends, memories forever. You won’t be able to consider random trips in the future as your responsibilities grow with age, so maybe consider a spontaneous adventure whilst you can? 

Invest in Yourself - Friends


This goes for family and friends who you might not have seen in a few weeks or even months. Losing contact is easy when two people don’t make an effort. Why not be the first to make contact, strengthen your relationship and ditch the study books for making memories. A specific mention is to reach out to any elderly family you might have. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate it more than you think! 


Do a good deed. It’s that simple. Being nice costs nothing, and will make someone smile. Positivity breeds positivity so you might just trigger a day long set of good deeds. It’s also extremely satisfying knowing you’ve contributed to someone else’s happiness.


This is relevant to both guys and girls. Treat yourself to a nice relaxing day. Invest in some nice skincare products. Moisturise your face, tired eyes, and generally relax. This could include taking a relaxing bath, reading (something non study related), listening to chilled music or even doing something artistic such as painting. You’ll be amazed at how beneficial it can be and you might unlock a hidden talent you never knew you had.

Invest in Yourself - Pamper


Whilst many associate cleaning as being a chore. It can honestly be a satisfying and enjoying way to spend a few hours. Look at it as though you’re CREATING a new space for YOURSELF. Just pick a small section to focus on, avoiding it feeling like an overwhelming chore. Create a nice clean space for your studies, or a communal area to share with friends. There’s no point serving an amazing dinner in an ugly place 😉 Top off your new swanky and sparkling achievement with a nice plant. Adding a green touch to a room can be visually appealing and personally beneficial (air quality and reduced stress). Bonsai tress and/or Money plants are easy to care for and look great (and are said to bring good luck)!

Invest in Yourself - Friends Tidy


Back to doing a good deed, why not volunteer for a day? It will make you and a number of other people smile and what better way to spend time, than knowing you’ve done something good. Many options are available such as visiting an elderly person in a care home (pending permission), giving a few hours to a local charity shop. Donating old unwanted items (also helping with the tidying point – two birds with one stone!).

I hope you like the above ideas which will all contribute to a healthier, happier and wiser self.