Apex Legends has received numerous new weapons over the years as updates have rolled out, and the developers have tried to add new and balanced weapons to the game. Such weapons like the CAR SMG have been well received by the community of players and have been quite popular alongside existing weapons in the game.

Although, if you find the variety of weapons in Apex Legends to be confusing and don’t know which weapons to pick, you don’t need to worry anymore. This article will rank all the S and A Tier weapons currently available in Apex Legends!

The Best Guns To Use In Apex Legends

Tier Weapons
S Bocek Bow, Flatline, Kraber, R-301 Carbine, R-99, Wingman
A CAR, Havoc, Mastiff, Peacekeeper, Rampage, Spitfire, Volt
B Alternator, Charge Rifle, G7 Scout, Havoc, Hemlock, Mozambique, Sentinel
C 30-30 Repeater, Devotion, L-Star, Longbow, Prowler
D P2020, EVA-8, RE-45, Triple Take

S Tier

Name Ammo DPS RPM Damage Mag Size Reload
Bocek Bow Unique 107 125 123/70/63 N/A N/A
Flatline Heavy 180 600 32/18/14 20/25/28/30 2.4s/3.1s
Kraber Unique 84 36 280/140/112 4 3.2s/4.3s
R-301 Carbine Light 190 816 25/14/11 18/20/25/28 2.4s/3.2s
R-99 Light 198 1,080 17/11/9 20/22/24/27 1.8s/2.45s
Wingman Sniper 117 156 97/45/41 6/7/8/9 2.1s/2.1s

Bocek Bow

The first weapon on the list is a relatively unusual weapon which is currently the strongest marksman in Apex. It’s accurate, but it’s certainly not easy to use. The Bocek Bow uses arrows instead of bullets and deals an absurd amount of damage, considering how quickly you can reload another arrow into the weapon.


Don’t get fooled by the comparatively low DPS offered by Flatline. The gun is S-Tier and hits like a beast. The weapon doesn’t have a barrel, but learning its recoil patterns is easy, making this gun an ideal all-rounder for all battles.


The strongest sniper in the game, the Kraber can really turn the tides of a fight if used correctly. This guns highly rewards aim and precision with its high headshot damage multiplier. If you can consistently hit your sniper shots, then getting kills with the Kraber won’t be an issue for you!

R-301 Carbine

When choosing a weapon in Apex, you must ensure it delivers consistent performance. The R-301 Carbine is a weapon that offers high accuracy and a commendable rate of fire, and the gun works well in almost every range possible. This gun rarely loses a battle against any other weapon, making it one of the best assault rifles in the game.


One of the most popular guns that Apex has is the R-99. The gun has been in the game since the beginning and offers a phenomenal fire rate covering for the firearm’s low damage-per-shot. The gun is ideal for you if you can handle decent recoil. Add a laser sight to the weapon, and the gun is insanely accurate in hip-fire mode.


Once you get the gist of this gun, you won’t need any other weapon at Apex. The gun is overpowered; all it takes is a headshot with the Wingman to turn the tables. However, the weapon has an extremely high skill ceiling and requires much accuracy from the player.

A Tier

Name Ammo DPS RPM Damage Mag Size Reload
CAR Light/Heavy 202 930 20/13/10 20/22/24/27 1.7s/2.13s
Mastiff Unique 123.2 66 140/112/112 4 1.03s/1.7s
Peacekeeper Shotgun 96 58 121/99/99 5 2.5s/3.5s
Rampage Unique 140 300 42/28/24 40 3.1s/3.4s
Spitfire Light 162 540 27/18/15 55 3.4s/3.8s
Volt Energy 180 720 23/15/13 19/21/23/26 1.6s/2.25s


CAR is the latest edition to the SMG roster. The weapon has a comparatively higher DPS than the R-99 and can utilise both heavy and light ammo. The only drawback of CAR is that it is one of the least accurate SMGs in the game and doesn’t take a barrel for an attachment.


The only Care Package shotgun you will find in Apex is the Mastiff. The gun deals a ridiculous amount of damage but only has four shots per magazine. Though the weapon is decently powerful, it all comes down to hit-or-miss with the shotgun; you can win or lose games depending on whether you miss or hit your target.


If you are looking for a classical weapon that is devastatingly powerful, then Peacekeeper is the gun to go with. The weapon deals an incredible 100 damage, making it perfect for any 1v1 combat.


The next weapon hits like a truck but has slow-firing shots. The best part about Rampage is that it offers one of the highest DPS values when charged with a Thermite Grenade. The only drawback of this beastly weapon is that it’s too slow and becomes unusable for close to mid-range fights. The slow fire rate of the gun makes it harder to keep track of enemies.


If you are looking for a weapon which deals severe damage and has a decent magazine capacity, then Spitfire is the weapon for you. The gun can just keep on firing till your opponent is dead. The firearm can be considered one of the most reliable LMGs currently in the game, which deals tonnes of damage during intense battles.


The last weapon on the list is an SMG which offers high accuracy. It is an energy-based SMG which can be used in all midrange fights. With season 14, the weapon is part of floor loot again, and now it is expected that more players will be using this extremely reliable SMG.

Bonus Tips

Although most guns have the same power across all Legends, there are some weapons that act differently in the hands of a specific Legend.

Rampart is a weapons specialist that can supposedly handle all weapons really well. This is implemented in the game with her Passive “Modded Loader” ability that gives Rampart special perks when using LMGs.

Passive: Modded Loader

  • Increases magazine size by 15% and decreases reload time by 25%.

This tells you that whenever you are playing as Rampart, you should try to rock and LMG in your inventory.


Choosing the right weapon which suits your playing style is crucial in Apex legends. Though we have listed down all of the top-tier weapons, it all comes down to your strategies and how you like to play your game. So ensure that you use the weapon that supports your playing techniques to win even the most intense battles!