Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would be like without BedWars? Well, you don’t have to because, to date, hundreds and thousands of players enjoy BedWars, and the game mode servers are still running. 

What’s BedWars? It’s a fast-paced game mode in Minecraft that has grown in popularity over the past few years. There are typically four teams with four members on each team. The goal is to protect the bed on your island while destroying the beds of other teams. 

The concept of BedWars is fascinating, and players all across the globe spend hours on various servers enjoying the game mode. You will also find different variants of BedWars across different servers!

Exciting, right? However, the only problem with BedWars is that players can’t find ideal servers for the game mode. But that’s not going to be a problem anymore, as here we will list some of the best BedWars servers in Minecraft that you can enjoy with your friends. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Hypixel

IP: hypixel.net

The first server to enjoy BedWars is Hypixel. The server is currently the largest server for BedWars in Minecraft. Though you will find various other games on the server, however, BedWars is arguably one of the most popular games available on the server. 

Many gamers even consider Hypixel the blueprint of BedWars, as many other servers tend to copy moves made by the server.

2. Lucky Network

IP: luckynetwork.net

Another server that works well is Lucky Network. The server is fairly large and is based in the United States. Despite being located in the United States, the server does entertain a sizeable international audience daily. 

You will find a variety of different games on this server as well. Besides BedWars, Lucky Network also offers PvP practice that helps players improve their PvP skills, which they can use in BedWars.

3. BlocksMC

IP: blocksmc.com

If you are looking for an active server that offers a large engaging BedWars community, then BlocksMC is the server you need to hop in. This server takes things to a new level, as in this server, you get different variations of the original BedWars. 

Some variations offered at BlocksMC include solos, doubles, 3v3v3v3, and 4v4v4v4, making it ideal for all parties. Furthermore, BlocksMC also provides a leaderboard to the players, which they can strive to get to the top.

4. Herobrine

IP: mc.herobrine.org

If you are a Bedrock or Java player in Minecraft, then chances are that you might have heard of the Herobrine server. The server is prevalent for both Java and Bedrock players. 

You will find different games on the server, like Sky Wars, Sky Block, and Survival, along with BedWars, the most popular game on the server. What’s unique about this server? Well, just like BlocksMC, this server also lets you play in duos or quads, depending on the size of your party.

5. BlockDrop

IP: mc.blockdrop.org

BlockDrop has to be one of the fastest-growing servers for BedWars. The server is compatible with players playing from version 1.8 to the latest version. What’s cool about this server is that it is open to players of both regular and cracked versions. 

Furthermore, on this server, you can also get the opportunity to fully customise modes like BedWars, Sky Block, Survival, and many more.

6. Twerion

IP: twerion.net

The following server on the list is home to hundreds of German Minecraft BedWars players. The server offers different Minecraft modes, but they primarily focus on BedWars. The best part about Twerion is its ever-active lobby that is always available to avid Minecraft BedWar players. 

Furthermore, like BlockDrop, this server offers players from both cracked and regular versions.

7. Mineplex

IP: mineplex.com

The list of BedWar servers would be incomplete without Mineplex. At one point, the server was one of the largest networks of all time. However, over time, the player count on the server has dropped, but the server still offers a decent community. The server has much to contribute to the players and even has its own version of BedWars called Cake Wars. 

In Cake Wars, players have to protect a cake instead of a bed. Cake Wars had minor differences from the original BedWars, but most of the changes were liked by many players on the server. You can play Cake Wars in three modes: solo, duo, and quads.

8. BedWars Practice

IP: bedwarspractice.club

If you want a practice server, then say no more because BedWars Practice is the ideal server for you if you want to practice and polish your skills. In this practice server, players can hone different skills which they can use in BedWars to become better players. The server, BedWars Practice, has various practice modes to choose from. 

Each mode can track the player’s records pushing them to improve in the game mode over time. What’s cool about this server is that it also shows the difficulty level of each practice mode and provides a leaderboard to players so they can try to be the best on the server.

9. Ragnarock Network

IP: play.ragnarockmc.in

Another BedWars server you would find on the internet is this one. Ragnarock Network is an Indonesian server that offers players a platform to enjoy BedWars to the fullest. There are other games available on the server as well. Some games on the Ragnarock Network include OP Prison, Economy Survival, PvP Practice, Survival, and many more.

What’s cool with this server? Ragnarock Network lets you play and practice BedWars skills without switching servers.

10. Bridger Land

IP: bridger.land

The last server on the list is another practice server. The server offers plenty of games and practice modes you can enjoy for hours without getting bored. Some of the practice modes offered by Bridger Land include bridging practice, PvP practice, and technical practices like block clutch and water bucket falling. 

Furthermore, an AI is also there to teach you how to build a bridge faster. However, the server is located in the United States, which means the Americans get the best ping.


A considerable number of servers are available on the internet to enjoy BedWars. No matter which server you play the game in, ensure that you follow the server’s rules and enjoy your time on the server without being troublesome to other players enjoying the game mode.