Landing locations play a vital role in Battle Royale games like Warzone 2.0, and if your landing location isn’t right, you are off to a rough start. Dropping down at the right location on the map can help you get a headstart over your opponents by giving you the position advantage as well as good loot early on in the match!

Luckily, Al-Mazrah is a colossal map full of decent landing locations. 

The map is based on the fictional Republic of Adal in Western Asia. It is divided into six sectors and has 18 points of interest (POIs), which players can drop to get some nifty weapons, loot, and hidden weapons caches.

The best part about Warzone 2.0 is that you can cover long distances and get to your desired POIs with parachute manoeuvring; this way, you don’t have to worry much about the plane’s path. The POIs are divided into two categories. Some are enclosed areas, while others are primarily open-spaced, giving you the playground you want.

So if you are asking yourself which of these locations would be the best for landing at the beginning of the match, then you have come to the right spot. In this article, we will be listing out the best locations in Al-Mazrah that you should land on!

1. Hydroelectric

One of the best locations to land on the Al-Mazrah map has to be the Hydroelectric.

What’s so special about Hydroelectric?

The location is separated by a river dividing the area into two parts, and you will find an equal number of buildings on both sides of the river. 

After dropping at Hydroelectric, you can have a few playing options: grab some decent loot and start moving to different locations to grab kills, or you can stay here and play for the late game.

If you plan on staying at Hydroelectric, then you should try to find a safe spot within the location and stay cautious. This is because this location is right in the middle of the Al-Mazrah map, and enemies will likely push you from all directions!

2. Rohan Oil

Rohan Oil is your optimal landing location if you are looking for an open-spaced area. The place is located in the northwestern part of the map and can be a decent landing spot for players. Landing here allows you to collect loot from the site and prepare for mid and end-games. 

Though the chances of finding good loot are high, the downside of this place is that it is pretty open, which allows you to be spotted by enemy teams and vice versa. If the location is cleared successfully, you can also get your hands on a Stronghold, which contains the best loot you could find in Warzone 2.0!

3. Ahkdar Village

The following landing location on the list can be found in the southeastern part of the map. Ahkdar Village is a location that is decently dense, which means that you have a high chance of getting good loot if you choose to land here.

However, since it’s one of the densest locations on the map, it is highly likely that a lot of the enemy teams will also be landing here with you, so keep your guard up! Furthermore, if the plane starts from the South, think twice before landing here, as you will find yourself tons of enemies.

Nonetheless, if you want to warm up with some early kills, then Akhdar Village is the perfect landing location for you because we assure you that fights will be intense and entertaining!

4. Al-Mazrah City

If you feel the locations listed till now aren’t your type, then Al-Mazrah City is the location you should try landing at. The city covers the entire northeast side of the map and is one of the most prominent locations in Al-Mazrah. The city is full of structures like the Highrise, Embassy, and Museum District.

The place also offers over ten locations for Strongholds, making it an ideal spot for camping. However, since the site is one of the hottest drop spots, you should be prepared to encounter a decent number of enemy squads.

One good strategy to play at this location is to glide to the city’s outskirts and loot there before entering the city’s central area. This way, you have a better chance of winning battles against the players in the city.

5. Zaya Observatory

If you are comfortable playing at a high ground, then the Zaya Observatory is your landing location. It is the highest location on the map and categorises as a hot drop!

The location is right next to Hydroelectric and is great to defend as the enemies that are trying to come up have to deal with craggy cliffs and winding roads as they move across the mountain range.

The only problem with this location is that it lacks general resources. You would find a comms tower at the Zaya Observatory, a Buy Station, and Burger Town. The best way to arm yourself is by finding the two possible Strongholds at the Hilltop. If you can loot one of the strongholds, you can gear yourself up for the entire match.

6. Sawah Village

If you like to play it low and slow, then Sawah Village can be your best landing location. The village is located in the outskirts of the southwest sector and is one of the best spots to land if you want to avoid initial battles of the game.

The Sawah village might not be full of loot and weapons like other landing locations, but you do get a few POIs that you can go to. Some POIs include a sunken market and a beached oil tanker. Useful items like an ammo cache, a buy station, a Bank of Adal, and a potential Black Site are all close to this location.


There are plenty of landing locations that you can find on the Al-Mazrah map. However, the ideal landing location for you primarily depends on your playing style and how you like to start off your game. So before choosing a site to land, make sure you know how many players usually land in that location and how much loot it has. Happy Gaming!