Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the best games you can play. The game offers a unique touch to battle royale and keeps the gamers hooked for hours. What’s amusing about the game are the updates that developers bring to the game from time to time. Each Fortnite update we have experienced so far makes the game better and more entertaining. And V23.40 is just another banger addition to the game. The update brings players a variety of exotic weapons, new and unique skins, and an event called “Most Wanted”, along with a variety of other updates we all have been waiting for. Want to learn more about what’s new with the Fortnite V23.40 update? If so, stick around until the end because here we will discuss everything new in the Fortnite battle royale V23.40 update. So without further ado, let’s get started!

(Image credit: Epic Games)

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The “Most Wanted” Event Of Fortnite

The first thing that the V23.40 update brings is an event called “Most Wanted“. And this event has an effect on the primary battle royale mode. In this event, players have to increase their Infamy level, complete the Most Wanted Quests, and earn Cold Blooded Medallions. 

What will you get for participating in the event? Doing all this will help you progress through the reward track. This reward track includes rewards like the Cold Blooded Ace Skin, the Solid Skull Back Bling, and many more. All you have to do is complete the Most Wanted Quests to get yourself some free cosmetics. 

In this event, a new Heat System is also introduced; the Heat System increases when you eliminate opponents. As your heat level rises, the Cold Blooded NPCs will be aggressive towards you, and you will be visible to other players on the map. 

Nonetheless, the event will only last for a while, so ensure you complete your quests on time to get the most out of this limited-time event.

Players Get New Reality Augments

There are a variety of different ways to win a match in Fortnite. Some might do it by stocking up the best weapons, landing on the best locations, or by hiding out till the final moments of the match. However, in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, a new way of winning was introduced to the games, which is more “Fortnity”

Fortnite introduced Reality Augments, which gives players random perks to help them win intense and close combats. In V23.40, a few new reality augments are released for the players to play around with. 

In this update of Fortnite, you can get the following new augments:

  • “Keymaster“, which grants two keys; with these keys, you can open Holo-Chests.
  • Last Shots“, which allows the last two bullets of your pistol to deal additional damage.
  • Exotic Grab Bag” is another reality augment released; with this perk, you can get a random Heisted Exotic Weapon.
  • Sniper Surplus” is the last new perk that allows sniper rifles to have one extra ammo in their magazine.

One thing that you must remember is that the “Exotic Grab Bag” and “Sniper Surplus” are the reality augments that are there in V23.40 for a limited time, and Fortnite has plans to remove them with the V23.50 update, while the other two augments will stay in the game.

V23.40 Brings Six Unvaulted Weapons

A Fortnite update gets even more exciting when the unvaulted weapons are placed back in the game. In V23.40, six weapons have been taken out of the vault and added back into the game for the players to enjoy in some intense battles. These weapons are great for eliminating other players and can be used to complete as many Most Wanted Quests as possible. 

The six weapons brought back in the V23.40 update are:

  • Dual Pistols
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Submachine Gun (P90)
  • Hop Rock Dualies Exotic
  • Boom Sniper Exotic
  • Heavy Pistol

The Boom Sniper and Hop Rock Dualies rejoin the exotic weapon lineup, while the rest can be found in the regular pool loot.

More Weapons Added To The Gun Roster

If you feel like the unvaulted weapons are nothing special, don’t worry; Fortnite has things planned for everyone. The V23.40 brings five brand-new exotic weapons to the game. These weapons made their debut during the Most Wanted Event and are the type of weapons that you must try out. 

The first weapon on the list is the “Explosive Assault Rifle”, which fires explosive rounds, as the name says. The second weapon introduced to the game is the “Accelerate Shotgun”; the weapon increases fire rate and movement speed as you damage enemies. 

The third weapon available to the players is the “Breacher Shotgun”, a shotgun perfect for destroying your enemies. The last two weapons which were introduced were both SMGs. 

The first is the “Bling Mag SMG”, which grants players a Zero Point Dash for a few seconds after reloading. Whereas the second SMG is the “Run N Gun SMG”, a weapon infused with Slap, and the SMG reloads your magazine when you sprint.

Dragon Ball Items Going Back Into The Vault & New Skins Are On Their Way 

While new things are introduced and old things are coming back to the game, there’s always a sad part to the story. And in this V23.40 update, the Dragon Ball items have returned to the vault. The Dragon Ball items which were usable were the Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud items. 

However, on the bright side, the game has planned to introduce some new skins. New skins in updates are now a norm in Fortnite. You get new cosmetics and skins in almost every game update. 

In this V23.40 update, some of the skins that players can get their hands on are Folly, a Valentine’s Day exclusive skin, and players can get the new FNCS Jonesy skin. You will find more skins in this update which will be revealed occasionally.


From weapons and skins to new events and revaulted weapons, this Fortnite update has it all. However, when playing on the V23.40 update, ensure that you are well aware of the new event and weekly challenges you must complete in-game to claim the best rewards for yourself.