The Best Landing Locations In Fortnite Chapter 4 | With the release of Chapter 4 in Fortnite came a lot of exciting new changes and features. Some of these include new rideable dirt bikes, several crossovers, including Doom, The Witcher, and My Hero Academia, and an entirely new map.

An entirely new Island in the game means a brand new map filled with POIs and landmarks for players to discover. Since it is a relatively new Chapter, players are still learning about the best landing spots on the new Island.

Most POIs on the map fit into the seasons’ medieval theme, like the houses at Faulty Splits and the castle at The Citadel. There is also a frozen biome as well as an old-school farm on the new maps for players to explore.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best landing spots in Chapter 4 of Fortnite, so check it out!

Best Landing Spots In Chapter 4 Of Fortnite

1. Faulty Splits

When it comes to pure loot, Faulty Splits should be your top choice as it is the best POI to land in Chapter 4, Season 1 of Fortnite. Players will be able to find 57 regular Chests scattered throughout this location, along with five Oathbound Chests if they head a little southeast out of the town.

Moreover, if you are not happy with your weapons, Scrapknight Jules is there to sell you an Epic rarity Assault Rifle or Rocket Launcher. This location is also among some of the most visually riveting locations in the game, mixing a modern city with an old-school medieval town.

2. Anvil Square

The Anvil Square can be found near the middle of the Island and is one of the best landing spots in the game. It holds more than 50 Chests in the area as well as two Oathbound Chests, so players are nearly guaranteed to find amazing weapons and equipment after landing here.

It might be a little tough for players to survive the area as it is mostly a hot drop. Nevertheless, with some practice and skill, you will be able to come out of that area in one piece with some amazing and useful loot.

3. Shattered Slabs

The Shattered Slabs is the ideal location for players who are more into fast-paced and hectic gameplay. The main thing here that attracts players is Kinetic Ore, which can be struck several times before launching at your enemies.

Also, there are tons of traversal options spread out around the area, such as dirt bikes and zip lines, if you want to try that out.

There are also many places present in the Shattered Slabs owing to its layout for players to hide. These hiding places will help players to land a sneak attack on their enemies. There are also a few underground tunnels that make this POI way more interesting than it might seem.

4. Brutal Bastion

Chapter 4, Season 1 of Fortnite features many medieval locations, and Brutal Bastion is among some of the most famous ones. It is located in the middle of the snow biome, consisting of more than 40 Chest, which will adequately aid players at the beginning of a match.

Moreover, there are several zip lines present in the area, with the help of which players can move quickly over the Island. However, landing here might be a little tough if a lot of enemies are around because the location has several hills around it.

5. The Citadel

Although it might be located off to the western part of the map, The Citadel does feel like the main POI in the current season. It is a massive, sprawling castle that features many rooms and corridors for players to explore.

You are sure to find tons of helpful weapons and items in this location through regular Chests as well as Oathbound Chests. As this POI covers a large amount of ground, it is also greatly varied.

If you wish to be present right in the middle of the action, then head to the main castle and go up against The Ageless Champion boss along with other players. However, if you would rather do something quieter, check out the surrounding towers and buildings for some awesome loot.

6. Slappy Shores

If you miss Slurpy Swamp from Chapter 2 of Fortnite, we are sure that you will fall in love with the Slappy Shores. Players can find a Slap Juice factory in this area and easily heal up by breaking the Slap barrels.

This specific landing spot holds up to 53 Chests and tons of great floor loot for you to collect. It is situated on the eastern side of the Island, which might make it tricky to rotate to a safe zone. Luckily though, Slappy Shores has a few dirt bike spawns as well!

7. Lonely Labs

If you are among the players who prefer to stay away from gunfights and sneak your way through to the end of the match, then the weirdly peaceful Lonely Labs is the ideal place for you to land after abandoning the Battle Bus.

As the landing spot is so far out on the map, you will only find a few enemies to go up against. There is also a good amount of Chests and Ammo Boxes for players to search through, along with several zip lines as well as vehicles to help escape before the Storms can wipe them out.

8. Frenzy Fields

Frenzy Fields holds quite a lot of similarities to the Frenzy Farm from Chapter 2 of Fortnite. This location is perfect for you if you are a longtime Fortnite fan who is feeling a little bit nostalgic.

Players can find a Capture Point in this location, tons of dirt bikes, plenty of floor loot, an upgrade bench, as well as two Weapon-o-matics, so there is so much in this one location alone for players to discover and explore.

Unlike the other POIs that are full of tiny hiding spots and buildings, Frenzy Fields is completely open. This is ideal for players who want quick shootouts or would prefer using long-range weapons such as the DMR to snipe their enemies from far away.

Lastly, if you are looking for a view, then it would be worth noting that Frenzy Fields is one of the most beautiful locations with the new 5.1 Unreal Engine.