In Valorant, Duelists are all about going into the game solo and getting the work done for their team. These are the best Agents to play if you wish to be at the top of the leaderboards. Also, the feeling of getting an ace and looking like a boss in the process is unmatched.

The high-fragging Valorant Agents continuously find man-advantages to keep the pressure high in the game and to keep you on the edge of your seats. If this sounds appealing to you and exactly your kind of role, then keep reading this article.

We have compiled everything that players would need to know about Valorant’s six Duelists, i.e., Raze, Phoenix, Jett, Yoru, Neon, and Reyna. By the end of this article, you will have a clearer idea of which one of these Duelists is the right one for you!

The Best Duelist Agents In VALORANT

There have not been many significant changes to the Duelists in Patch 6.01 of Valorant. The only modifications that were done will not hinge you in the slightest, and you will not even notice them. So, players will feel just fine choosing their favourites in a match.

1. Raze

Raze is probably the best Duelist in the game as of right now. The Agent can easily create spaces very effectively with the help of her Blast Packs. Players can use her Boom Bot to get some information early on in the match.

Raze’s Paint Shells, as well as Showstopper, are amazing abilities in order to stall entries or flush out enemies that might be hiding in a corner. The Duelist is most effective on maps such as Fracture, Bind, and Pearl.

This is because these maps have narrow spaces, but professional players have also learned to master her on Ascent and Haven as well. In Patch 6.01, she has increased Blast Pack’s health while decreasing the Boom Bots’, which does not really affect her lethal playstyle.

2. Neon

Originally from the Philippines, Neon is considered one of the best Duelists in the game, with a very advanced skillset. Players will need to master her movements and her abilities if they wish to make a huge impact with her in the match and against her enemies.

Her Relay Bolt is probably the most helpful ability of hers since players can use it to gain entry and get some early kills. The Fast Lane can also turn out to be pretty useful and can allow your team to safely enter a site.

Her ultimate, also known as Overdrive, is a little tough to use and requires way more precision after the nerf. As it turns out, Neon is most effective on maps such as Pearl and Fracture, as they have narrow spaces.

However, she can also do very well on a few of the wider maps, such as Haven and Bind as well. When using her, the part most useful about Neon is how quickly a player can rotate from one site to another to help out their team members. No changes were made to this particular Duelist in Patch 6.01.

3. Jett

Jett used to be among the top Agents in Valorant until Tailwind, her signature ability, was nerfed to the bottom by Riot Games. It was her abilities that made the Agent one of the most-picked by Operator users.

She can instantly clear space on a site and can even use her Cloudbursts to smoke out some areas of the map. Her ability, Updraft, gives her the skill to shoot from off angles, which still cannot be matched by any other Duelist in the game.

Owing to the Tailwind nerf and release of Agent Chamber, Jett’s pick rate has significantly dropped and has become low. Currently, she is the most effective on maps such as Icebox, Ascent, and Haven. There were no changes that were made to her in Patch 6.01.

4. Phoenix

There used to be a time when Phoenix was a deadly opponent to go up against. However, with the release of new Agents, his kit started to become powerless as compared to the other Duelists in the game.

It was not until a couple of buffs that players started to pick him up once again. The Duelist’s abilities allow him to brutally force his way into a site. Phoenix’s flashes are super quick, and his Blaze allows safe passage to a site.

He is also the sole Duelist in Valorant who can heal himself without having the need to kill his opponents. Phoenix is most effective on maps such as Ascent and Haven. Since the cost of his Blaze was reduced in Patch 5.12, there have been no changes to him in Patch 6.01.

5. Yoru

Yoru is a Duelist who has faced a pretty tough time fitting into the team compositions of Valorant. His Blindside is probably his most useful ability since players are allowed to flash their opponents from several angles.

However, the Fakeout is one of the most fun abilities that he possesses. Players will find that Yoru is the most effective on the Bind map, but players have also experimented with the Duelist on Breeze as well as Pearl.

Patch 5.12 made small changes to the Agent’s Gatecrash by reducing its cost and health, but there have been no changes to him in Patch 6.01 as of yet.

6. Reyna

There is no doubt when we say that Reyna is the most popular Duelist in the game as of right now. She is a highly self-sufficient Agent but does not essentially have the right abilities to help out her team. The only way in which players can make an impact with her is by getting plenty of kills.

Her Leer is the sole ability that even remotely helps her team members. Reyna is the most effective on maps such as Ascent and Icebox. There have been no changes to her in Patch 6.01.


These were the best Duelists in VALORANT as the game is right now. Since the game constantly keeps changing and developers keep making tweaks to the agents, the strength of these agents may vary in the future.