Soft boy style is the perfect way to stay cozy and look fantastic. Soft boys are the latest trend, and their fashion choices combine streetwear and comfy looks.

Adding just a few accessories to your laid-back look allows you to change your outfit and give it a cute yet stylish look. With the winter season, some outfits are a must; the rest can make you a hero or zero! 

So you have to decide which looks suit you the best to give you the soft boy look but still look classy!

Our younger generation also known as Gen Z has a group of boys called soft boys. They are the ones who are attuned to their feelings and emotionally literate. 

Their styling has buttoned-down shirts, either in white or pastel colors, with sweaters and sweatshirts. Plus, a men’s Varsity jacket is an excellent choice for boys looking to sport a cool, softboy look. 

Let’s look at 12 teenage boy outfits to look cooler this winter!

12 Soft Boy Aesthetic Outfits to Look Cooler

Soft boys’ style should match their personalities. Boys who dress according to their nature are more attractive. If you have a soft side to your male personality, this list of 12 winters soft boy aesthetics will help you!

Spice It Up

Jeans with a t-shirt and a top coat are the go-to outfit for many boys. Add a pair of sunglasses to get a complete soft boy look in no time. Zac Efron sure knows how to carry his soft boy personality!

Cozy Yet Smart

If the softboy inside you is looking for fashion updates for winter then you need not to worry. Wear a cute hoodie with black pants, and you’re good to go. Adding your favourite sneakers with this outfit will definitely rock your look. Sweaters and hoodies look so cool on Shawn Mendes, right?

Black on Black

Skinny jeans with a classy hoodie give just the right amount of class yet a soft boy look. Adding a thick leather jacket to protect yourself from the cold winds can also be a great option. You can take inspiration from Harry Styles’ softboy look.  

Vintage Outfit

This old-school dressing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will give your look a different touch. Wearing a hoodie with any light-coloured pants and a contrasting shirt will give you a softboy vibe.  You can also wear boots with them for a touch of fine swag.

Varsity Jackets

Pick something edgy yet masculine, and what’s better than your varsity style sweater? Team up your jacket with a pastel coloured shirt and dark jeans to create a perfect softboy look. 

Sweats and Jackets

Sweats and jackets can never go out of style coz’ they look best when you’re trying to keep yourself warm but still look cute! Pairing it up with cute sneakers will uplift your entire softie look, so make sure to go for it!

Softboy Soft Boy Fashion

Mix and Match

Mix and match of dark colours with the lighter ones is a great idea when you have to maintain your softboy personality. Wear a pastel-coloured shirt with a cute bright  hoodie, and pair it  with ripped  jeans, creating a cool outfit  for your winter wardrobe.

Leather Jacket? Why Not!

Everyone loves cafe racer leather jacket. They add class to your look while giving you a lot of protection from the cold. The shiny material of a racer jacket will make you stand out in a crowd and will enhance your personality to a greater extent. 

leather racer jacket

Go Subtle

If you don’t like to wear dark colors, go for more incredible colours to add variation to your winter wardrobe. Light brown, beige, or off-white pants will look cute; pair them with a light-colored hoodie for a soft boy look.

Baggy Pants and Sneakers

What matters is to keep your look comfortable but still look good. Go for baggy pants with a checkered shirt on top of a t-shirt. Leave the buttons open on your checkered shirt to give it a more laid-back look.

Teenage Guy Style

Cap in winter! Why not? As it will look cute but a little different from the rest of the winter wardrobe. Pair it with khaki pants and a men’s Varsity jacket on top of a plain shirt to bring out your softboy vibe with style.

Street Style

Cute and stylish winter wardrobe makes a perfect outfit for a dinner night. Wear a plain shirt and black pants with a jacket on top to appear cute and chic at the same time. Add a nice belt to make the entire outfit a little formal.

Softboy Style | Let’s Wrap It Up

If you want to give your look a touch of your soft boy personality and still look stylish and cute, these ideas will help you. Among all, the Black varsity jackets for men are one of the most popular looks in soft boys these days. 

With these tips in mind, there’s no reason you can’t rock any of these looks this winter – so get out there and show off your soft inner boy today!

Softboy Soft Boy Fashion