Many students dream of studying abroad in a film school, but getting into one is challenging too. The on-set experience of film-making is the best way to get hands-on practical experience. And many only get a few opportunities. Other than an on-set experience, film-making courses are the best ways to learn the craft of film-making. Many reliable resources online will help you improve your film-making skills and take your expertise to another level but getting a degree will help you learn.

The students get nurtured while learning in their film schools. No matter what sector of work you choose to pursue in the industry, a film school education is valuable. People with degrees make more outstanding money than those without in all sectors. Additionally, obtaining a degree demonstrates your determination, commitment, and desire to develop your abilities and master your trade.

Top Film Schools

Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

FTII is a very reputed film school located in Pune, India. They provide two-year acting courses and three-year postgraduate diploma programs in direction, screenplay writing, production design, and sound recording. FTII studio was previously known as Prabhat studios. They offer postgraduate certificate programs in video editing, electronic cinematography, sound recording for television, and direction.

The FTII’s outreach divisional has also partnered with several film schools in nations like Germany, France, China, Australia, and Malaysia to provide faculty and student exchanges and enrichment programs. These programmes aim to help students and instructors in learning more about their specialisation film field. Many students who are into film-making dream of getting into FTII as it’s a dream college for many, and living in Pune is quite simple and easy.

New York Film Academy, USA

The NYFA for-profit acting and film school in New York City. NYFA has five campuses and plenty of international destination programs. They provide 26 media, acting, and film programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. You don’t have to worry about the minimum rank or score, as there are no minimum criteria for admission at the NYFA. Each department needs a distinct creative portfolio, so take a look before applying.

Additionally, an admissions committee member interviews the applicants as a part of their application process. Since the film academy is expensive and living expenses in New york city are not a joke, you can check out student Accommodation in New York for affordable homestay.

London Film School

London Film School has been consistently ranked as the best school in Europe for film-making and the world’s top film school. LFS was founded in 1935. LFS has established itself as a global powerhouse for film-making education and attracts students who are in the film industry from around the globe. To live and pursue a degree at the central campus. They prefer to live in central London student accommodation to avoid long travel and explore the city as well. The school offers a range of degrees that explore all aspects of film production, from screenwriting.

LFS is a nonprofit organisation and one of three graduate schools in the UK that are part of the UK ScreenSkills Film Academy Network. There are various short-term professional development courses, including an MA in Film Making, MA in Screenwriting, MA in International Film Business, and a Ph.D. in film by Practice. You can look for student accommodation in London for an idea about the stay while you’re studying abroad.

Los Angeles Film School

Los Angeles film school is one of the top film schools for film studies in America. The school is known to be one of the best for students who want to begin their careers in the film industry. They offer associate and bachelor degrees in film-making courses like Music production, audio production, entertainment business, audio production, and animation. It is known to be one of the most affordable film schools in the united states. They charge modest annual tuition fees and offer students a full scholarship for their third year of the course.

The admission process is slightly different from the usual interviews and personal statement submissions. They take an audition. You must be 18 or older for the audition entry. Their Hollywood campus offers online programming in digital Film-making, Entertainment business, Graphic design, and Music Production. Students who go to the Hollywood campus live in Los Angeles student housing for an easier commute to the campus.

American Film Institute

The American Film Institute, Conservatory, offers film-making training through them. It is more than an academic experience. It is a way of film-making. The conservatory provides a highly structured Master of Fine Arts programme in six disciplines, including cinematography, directing, editing, producing, production design, and screenwriting, rather than conventional degrees or certifications. The AFI also boasts alums with significant industry honors like the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards.

Although applicants typically need an undergraduate degree, those without one can apply as an Associate Fellow and get a Certificate of Completion instead. Due to small class sizes, students get the chance to learn from industry experts and have access to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, mentors, and production coordinators.

Film School experience

Advantages of Studying in Film Schools

Finding your crowd with the same interests

You find people with the same interests as you. You will have plenty of things in common and bond over films and their making. The good thing about the creative course is that you get to have many creative ideas and share them with the people around you and make them a project. Many students who make friends in film school form groups and teams, make movies, and play them at film festivals or upload them online. This is something very nice to look forward.

Guest lectures with renowned personalities

Guest lectures are one of the things that most film schools are excited about, as you might get to see one of your favorite moviemakers talk and give you knowledge about the film industry firsthand. Film schools mostly invite alums who have passed out from the film school. Most of the guests will be famous film directors, actors, and producers. You might get to see one of your favourite personalities giving you a lecture about the subject that you love.

Opportunities for Networking

Now your network with the crowd that you are surrounded by, college mates, and friends sharing student accommodation helps you since you get more connections and mutuals who might be doing something that you need for your project or they might need your help in their project. Expanding your network is a great way to make new friends and make yourself aware of many opportunities. During film school, this is one of the important things you need to focus on because you wish to keep an interesting project and be aware of something big happening where you also have been a part.


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