People tend to primarily think of sports as a fun activity and a great way to stay in shape, but it can be much more than this. Sport is proven to have positive benefits to educational performance and can be a useful tool for students. Whether you are trying to be Johnny Wilkinson or channel your inner Virgil Van Dijk, you will find that playing sports should have a positive impact on your studies.

Improve Concentration & Attention

One of the main ways that sport impacts students is that it can be helpful for improving concentration and attention levels. When you are playing any kind of sport, your mind must be 100% focused to play at a high level. A momentary lapse in concentration could result in a costly mistake in any sport, so those who practice sports usually find that they are able to concentrate for long periods and remain focused. Of course, this is hugely important when it comes to studies and should help you to develop knowledge whether you are reading a textbook, listening to a lecture or in a seminar.

Improve Cognitive Function & Brain Function

Interestingly, research shows that regular sports participation can also help with cognition and brain function. This is through increased blood flow to the brain, which increases the levels of norepinephrine and endorphins. It can also help by encouraging people to develop and use the core skills of the brain to learn, think, read and problem-solve – this means that sport is as much of a mental workout as it is a physical one.

Positive Impact Both Physical & Mental Health

Regular exercise is known to have both physical and mental health benefits. This is important for overall well-being and, in turn, can improve classroom performance. A student that feels happy and healthy will be more likely to engage in their studies and be in a better mood at school. Additionally, regular participation in sports has a positive correlation with lower alcohol and drug use in schools – this can also have a positive impact on studies.

There are many reasons to play sports, especially as a student. In addition to the exercise, fun and social side of sport participation, sports could also help you to improve your studies in a few different ways. It is surprising the positive impact that sport scan have and you might find that it helps you to achieve your academic skills while also allowing you to improve your overall life and well-being.