2023 is on the way, in fact January is almost over! I am sure most are focusing on the year ahead.  However, we would firstly like to do the opposite and look at 2022, with a special focus on what was hot and what was not in the world of adult fun. It has been a year of many developments and we saw great new products come to the market plus some changes in customer behaviour as well. Here are some things that we noticed last year!

We are getting more adventurous

We have seen a positive trend that sees more people trying more adventurous Toys and Gear. Instead of a standard gay dildo customers seem to prefer more exciting products that rotate, vibrate, or include electro stimulation. All this to enjoy the journey for optimised sensations. This also extents to manhood gear like our Fleshjack and PDX ranges of masturbators that come with all sorts of extra bells and whistles. The last area in which we can see this trend back is Kink. More and more customers seem to be experimenting with their fetish desires and especially BDSM is spearheading this race. Noteworthy is the fact that we seem to start the journey towards our kinky side at a younger age. Hopefully this has all to do with the removal of taboo surrounding toys and gear to explore what your body and mind enjoy.

We are showing off more!

This follows the trend about being more adventurous nicely. It appears not only are we actively pushing the boundaries of what we enjoy but also like to experiment with how we express ourselves. Showing more flesh is where it is at, if our sales statistics are anything to go by. We are selling more and more bottomless underwear, jockstraps, singlets and a sexy gay harness seems to be a favourite! More of these products are worn in clubs, at events and adult parties. A great way to share what you are made of and potentially draw in some attention with the aim of some delicious adult play.

Quality wins the race

In our store we have a massive range of products. Different shapes, sizes and price points. With regards to the price point customers seem to spend a bit more on items, it is our opinion that this is ultimately often better value. A toy in our lower value range will often not last as long as the premium ones. In addition, the higher value items will have additional elements to it that increase pleasure either by superior materials or additional functionality. The lower priced items are of course totally fine and do what it says on the tin but not much more and are often mass-produced and not manufactured by a company that tailor makes their items to maximise the satisfaction you get from it.

The value of good essentials

Investing in good lubes and performance enhancers has been enjoying an upward trend for a while now. Whether it is delay spray, numbing lube, room aromas or a herbal supplement to keep your manhood harder for longer, there is a greater awareness that these type of products do actually contribute to more enjoyable session. The “any lube will do” mentality seems to be replaced by a “how does this enhance my experience” attitude.

What to expect in 2023

With all these great trends from 2022 we have been busy sourcing great new products for the year ahead and we have some amazing additions coming in. The first one is already in store, The Auto-Blow is a fantastic fully automatic masturbator, all you need to do is get comfortable and the Auto-Blow will do the rest. In addition, we are getting much more all singing and dancing toys that will get you tingling from enjoyment. For those that like to wear sexy gear we have new styles coming in from all the big brands like Addicted, Pump, TOF Paris and many more, so come into the store and have a look.

The best time is now! For the duration of January, we have the big sale on so you can select all your favourite items and take them through to the checkout for the very best price. Let’s make 2023 the year of self-exploration and have some adult fun times!

With love

Team https://www.esmale.com/