Are you a student looking to embark on a trip to another country? Have you got a plan in mind for places to go, people to see, and things to experience? Before you make that next step towards the perfect trip abroad, here are some tips for you to make it a foolproof and problem-free student holiday.

Consider your options

Yes, searching for the cheapest deal on a flight can be a huge deciding factor in where you go, but it’s a waste of time and money if you’re not headed somewhere that suits your needs and desires for the trip itself. Consider what you want most out of your trip abroad. Is it culture and art and new experiences you’re after? Or are you just looking for somewhere to relax and let the world go by?

Protect yourself with the right coverage

When you’re a student eager to travel, it can be difficult to know what to do if you become injured or sick, or suddenly become stranded due to unforeseen circumstances. Things like student medical travel insurance have been created purely for students. This coverage helps them to explore the world with confidence without having to worry about the unexpected, with emergency response numbers and dedicated teams ready to assist you when you take out this kind of coverage.

Make some local friendships

This may take a lot of pre-planning to do safely, but many students develop long and strong friendships with people in other parts of the world. If you’re planning to travel to their country, and you’ve been friends online long enough to trust them, you can get an authentic experience of what life is like in that country. You can save money and get insights into the best places to eat, away from the tourists, and enjoy the truest form of travelling you can experience during your student years.

Stay with a host family to save money

If the above option isn’t viable, some students look to share dorms with people from their own country who are also travelling. Sometimes, it feels comfortable to have that space with people doing similar activities in a new country. There are plenty of websites that offer this kind of living situation to help lower your costs, but be careful and conduct thorough research before making your decision.

Get advice from other student travellers

Explore student travel pages, social media feeds, and even travel websites aimed at students to get the best advice and insights possible. No one can help you more than the people who have already done it, and if they can give you some tips based on their good (or even sometimes bad) experiences, you’ll be far more confident about the trip.

Trip abroad | Final thoughts

One of the joys of being a student is trying new things, discovering who you are as a person, and letting the world guide you toward the next big adventure. But without the proper care and precautions, that travelling dream can quickly become a nightmare. Stick to these guidelines to help prepare for a trip that’s as safe and secure as it is thrilling!