Upcoming artist JERUB has already been noticed and highly praised by the likes of Clara Amfo, Tom Grennan and Arlo Parks. Having just released a new single; ‘Scared to be Myself’, and a forthcoming EP following soon, we caught up with the singer-songwriter to talk about JERUB’s new music, exciting journey, mental health and future plans…

JERUB interview by Student Pocket Guide

Hey JERUB, thanks for your time! Would you mind please introducing yourself for those that don’t already know who you are?

Hey! I’m JERUB, like ‘cherub’ but JERUB. I’m an artist from Nottingham! I love to write songs and share them with the world. 

You’ve been busy making music and your new single ‘Scared to be Myself’ is out now. What’s the story behind this song?

Yes, it’s OUT NOW and I’m so excited to finally share this one. The making of it has been one of my favourite processes so far. The song is really about having the courage to share the real version of yourself with the world around you. As an artist and just as a human I feel like I often bend out of shape for everyone else, putting their preferences and opinions first. I’m learning that everyone else goes through this also, I’m not alone and it’s part of being human.

‘Scared to be Myself’ is the second single release leading up to your forthcoming EP ‘Finding My Feet’. Can you talk us through the EP, and is there any song from it, which holds the closest importance to you?

It feels so great to be releasing music and getting to share some of the songs that have existed in my head and heart with the world and the EP is a collection of moments from recent times as I’ve been ‘Finding My Feet’, can’t wait for it to be out. ‘Scared To Be Myself’ is definitely one of my favourites from the project but another one that’s special to me is called ‘Chase Clouds’, I can’t wait for you to hear it. 

You’ve been praised by the likes of Clara Amfo, Tom Grennan, and Arlo Parks who said: “It feels like everything just melted away and it’s just his voice that draws you in”. Is this recognition important to you, and how are you finding it, trying to break through as an upcoming artist?

As a new artist there are definitely ups and downs on the journey as you try and find your feet and find your voice, that’s why it’s so encouraging to hear these comments from such great voices in the music industry. I’m loving the artist journey so far and I’m excited for the future.

You were born in Nigeria before moving to Nottingham at 10 years old. How has your upbringing and previous life experiences influenced your music? What, or who has had the biggest influence on your music?

I feel like my whole life influences my music, not just my upbringing but my present situations and relationships. I’ve written songs to help me process life events, loss, love and everything in-between.  I love to write about real life and how I see the world. I try and allow everything to influence my music. 

JERUB interview by Student Pocket Guide

JERUB interview by Student Pocket Guide

I would like to touch on the serious subject of mental health. It was recently mentioned in the news that Ed Sheeran has struggled with his mental health, and this is a stark reminder that we all experience tough times. What coping mechanisms do you use to keep your mental health, healthy?

I’m such an advocate of openness and vulnerability and when it comes to mental health I applaud anyone who is brave enough to speak out. For me, speaking to those closest to me and being honest and open with them is so helpful. It can sometimes feel scary to share when we’re struggling but I’ve learned that many of us share the same struggles and we’re better together. 

What 3 songs make you feel the happiest?

  1. Three Littles Birds – Bob Marley and The Wailers 
  2. The Wonder Years – Jon Bellion 
  3. Memories – Maroon 5

What is your dream as an artist? 

The dream… The dream for me is to do what I love for as long as possible and to love it for as long as possible. To connect with people’s hearts. 

What are your plans for the upcoming summer, and where can fans find you?

This summer you can find me out and about playing a few festivals, a few shows, hanging out, having a good time! Gonna be announcing all my shows on my socials so give us a follow to stay updated! @jerubmusic x

Thank you for your time!

Stream ‘Scared To Be Myself’ by JERUB, on Spotify HERE.  

JERUB interview by Student Pocket Guide