When you put on a watch, it’s one of those things you don’t want to take off. Though a wristwatch may be your go-to accessory, knowing how to wear it tastefully and appropriately is a skill. Hence, not only will it serve its practical purpose, but it will also make a bold statement.

Luckily, your watch’s look will typically reflect your unique style. For a person into street fashion, you might have a bit of trouble making a dress watch blend in well with the rest of their ensemble. The key is knowing what you’re doing with your style to pull off this unconventional style.

If you want to seem as fashionable as possible while wearing your watch, you may need some help, especially if you’re not much of a stylist or fashionista. Some of the tips are…

Know which wrist you’d like your timepiece to go on

The choice of which arm to wear a watch is entirely up to the wearer. Some ladies, for instance, favour wearing their timepieces on their dominant hand. The primary factor here is convenience or functionality.

If you are concerned about scratching or otherwise damaging your watch when playing slots on a reputable online site after applying the Intertops poker bonus, consider wearing it on your non-dominant hand. Women in other cultures, including Japan, wear them on the inside of their wrists.

Your watch was designed with particular features in mind to help you navigate properly. The crown of most watches can be found on the right side, making it more convenient for right-handed wearers to adjust the time. Wearing your watch on your left wrist is the way to go if you’re going for a more classic look.

Donning your watch to evening events

For ladies, there is a wide selection of watches, so don’t be afraid to try something new. If you want to look extra sophisticated in your evening gown, don’t forget to accessorise with a fancy timepiece. Replace your plain old watch with a sleek metallic timepiece.

A watch with a brown or black leather strap is a good option for a more relaxed evening occasion. Stainless steel and gold are two of the most favoured materials.

Layering with bracelets

Do you enjoy a more subtle accessory? You can get a watch with a bracelet. While most people wouldn’t recommend it, you could also wear multiple bracelets along with a wristwatch. You can always make this style work. Many modern women, for instance, choose to accessorise with bigger dials. A watch with double-wrap bands gives you more styling options. If you want to achieve that layered look, adding some more bracelets to your plain timepiece can help.

Why should you invest in a high-end watch?

Purchasing a single high-end timepiece is a worthwhile investment. It will serve its purpose and also be an easy way to jazz up any ensemble. There are several reasons why every woman should own at least one high-quality timepiece.

They are built to last

Among the many benefits of purchasing a high-end watch is its durability. That is why many people pass theirs down as a family heirloom or sell it years after purchase.  Most high-end timepieces are handcrafted by experienced watchmakers. They use both time-honored methods and cutting-edge advancements to produce something truly special. You’ll need some guidance if this is your first time purchasing a high-end watch.

The first tip is to keep an eye out for Swiss-made timepieces like the Omega and the famous Rolex. For centuries, Switzerland has been recognised as the home of the world’s finest timepieces. Wristwatch collectors tend to seek out the “Switzerland Made” label. Any timepiece bearing this logo has been built in the nation utilising only the highest-quality, hand-made parts.

Also, the watchmakers guarantee accuracy and durability by inspecting each piece thoroughly before it leaves the workshop.

It is an investment piece

Luxury timepieces, like classic cars, typically hold their worth over time. Depending on the item, there’s always a chance it’ll appreciate in value after purchase. You could perhaps make a profit by selling your watch in the future if you find yourself in a bind financially.

An expensive watch is a better long-term investment than numerous trendy clothes and bags. Be keen to retain purchase records and do regular maintenance.

Lastly, maintain the box that originally housed your premium timepiece.

Sets you apart

The advent of mobile phones has eliminated the need for wristwatches. When you don that timeless watch, it impresses on those who matter that you are a woman of individuality and distinction.

While you may not realize it, a high-quality watch can completely alter how others perceive you. It turns out that renting out expensive timepieces is big business.

Take away

Your watch will make you look and feel better about yourself in a flash. These are just a few of the many reasons to invest in one. Don’t rush into buying a luxury watch; do your homework and save up for one that will last a long time. It will allow you to get a classic piece that works with anything and one with a high resale value. Accessories can make or ruin an outfit. If you want to make a statement with your watch, these suggestions will help.