Students encounter numerous challenges throughout their studies. Whether it’s hitting deadlines, or balancing productivity with a meaningful social life. Having a positive mindset and a set of mottos or affirmations can help you navigate through those difficult moments with more ease and resilience. Here are some mottos you can recite to yourself during challenging times in your life.

Life Mottos

You win some you lose some

The phrase “you win some, you lose some” is an idiomatic expression that refers to the fact that success and failure are a natural part of life, and one should not become too disappointed or overconfident in either case. The phrase is often used to console someone who has just experienced a setback or failure by emphasising that it is a common occurrence and that everyone experiences both success and failure at different times.

The origin of this phrase is unclear, but it has been used in various contexts over the years. It is believed to have originated in gambling circles, where it is commonly used to refer to the unpredictable nature of gambling outcomes and the phrase has recently been used in the amusing MrQ TV ad. It is a perfect phrase to remember when playing slots, roulette or really any game of chance where you should get too hung up on one roll of the dice, turn of the card or spin of the reels. The phrase has also been used in sports to describe the ups and downs of a team’s performance.

The meaning of the phrase is straightforward – it acknowledges that not everything in life can be a success and that one must be prepared to accept failure and move on. It encourages resilience and a balanced perspective, reminding people not to become too elated or defeated by a single outcome.

Life Mottos

Life Mottos

This too shall pass

The phrase “This too shall pass” is a proverb that has been used in various cultures throughout history. The origin of the phrase is not clear, but it is believed to have originated in ancient Persia (modern-day Iran) and has been attributed to the Sufi poets Rumi and Attar. Not to be confused with the classic Gandalf quote “You shall not pass!” which has a very different meaning.

The meaning of the phrase is that nothing lasts forever – whether it is good or bad, it will eventually pass. The phrase emphasises the impermanence of life and encourages people to maintain perspective and remain calm in the face of adversity, knowing that the situation will eventually change.

This Too Shall Pass: Stories of Change, Crisis and Hopeful Beginnings by prominent psychotherapist Julia Samuel. Samuel explores a range of deeply moving stories of change, opportunity, and loss based on conversations with her patients that can provide powerful insights into how we respond to change.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

The phrase “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian independence leader and civil rights activist. Gandhi is known for his nonviolent resistance and social justice advocacy, and this quote reflects his philosophy of personal responsibility and self-improvement.

The phrase encourages individuals to take action and be proactive in creating the change they want to see in the world. It suggests that change starts with the individual and that by taking responsibility for their own actions and behaviours, people can inspire others and create positive change in society.

The quote is often used to motivate and inspire people to take action on issues they care about, whether it is in their personal lives or in their communities. It emphasises that change is not just about big actions or grand gestures, but that even small actions can have a significant impact.

Three examples that have helped many people which may not be ideal for you, but having a personal motto can help you stay positive during difficult times. It can serve as a reminder to stay on track and achieve your objectives. A great life motto can be a source of strength and encouragement when you need it most, so use one of these or take time to find your own.