As a student, a large chunk of your life is going to be taken up by your course. Whatever career path you want to embark on, there’s going to be a fair amount of coursework, exams, and knowledge you’ll need to undertake and obtain to pass with flying colours. While some students thrive on their course from the beginning, others find the experience overwhelming. If you fall into the latter camp and need some help, we’re here for you.

While stress is just part and parcel of life, too much of it can be a hindrance on your day-to-day life, not to mention interfere with your grades. Thankfully, we’ve got tons of stress-busting strategies you can take on board that can make student life that little bit easier.

Learn to Breathe

If you find you’re halfway through some coursework and your stress rising, this isn’t going to help you stay focused. When you’re full of stress and anxiety, you need to take a minute to let out a deep breath. There are breathing techniques you can try that can quickly calm you down, provide clarity and help you get stuck back into your learning. Deep breathing exercises are brilliant for lowering blood pressure, improving digestion and even boosting your immune system.

Some of the most popular deep breathing techniques include lion’s breath, pursed lip breathing, and breath focus. You only need to take 5 or 10 minutes out of studying to try them out too. When you do, any worries or fears may flutter away.

Try Meditating

There are thousands of students up and down the country who swear by meditation. When you meditate, this helps you zone out of what’s going on in life and brings peace, calm and tranquillity. We’re not saying you have to start humming and go full-on. But, once you get the hang of meditating, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

The great thing about meditating is you can do it just about anywhere. Simply find a quiet spot, pick a meditation style that suits you and we promise your stress levels will quickly decrease. Meditation can also increase self-awareness, build skills to control your stress and gain a new perspective on stressful situations.

Get Outside

When you’re cooped up indoors studying for hours on end, you’re bound to get cabin fever. If your stress levels are through the roof and you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, it’s time to step away from the desk, get out the front door and enjoy some fresh air. Getting outside can be a big help for lowering stress, taking your mind off things and helping you resume your studies with a clear mindset.

You can simply go for a stroll around your neighbourhood, head to a local park, or just go off on a wander. Just check the weather before you head out as being in heavy winds and rain may cause you more stress than relief!

Listen to Music

There’s a reason so many of us listen to music. Aside from the pure enjoyment of listening to our favourite artists, music has a way of calming us down like nothing else. Whether you enjoy a spot of pop, rap, or rock is your go-to, sticking some tunes on can instantly bring stress levels down.

You don’t want your hallmates or loved ones to be banging on your door when you’ve got your tunes on, so we recommend you stick some headphones in. As you get lost in a song, you may want to get up and have a dance. Do so! Dancing is brilliant exercise and can help alleviate stress.

Play Online Games

There are millions of gamers up and down the UK of all ages (students included). If you enjoy a spot of gaming, make sure to set aside time to indulge in your hobby. Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun along the way. If you need some time away from a module, playing some fun online games can put your focus elsewhere.

While lots of people love whipping out their consoles, others enjoy online gaming. Check out OnlineCasinos who can help you find reliable online casino websites to sign up to. Whatever type of gaming you enjoy, do it in moderation, otherwise, the hours can quickly tick by, and you could find yourself gaming through to the early hours with a class at 9 am!

Talk to Loved Ones

Believe it or not, your parents and loved ones were students once upon a time. With that said, if you find you’re struggling to manage your stress, speak to those who have been there and done that. Sure, they may have been studying in a completely different decade, but your loved ones may have handy tips and tricks that can help you get through your studies and out the other end.

Never suffer in silence. We all get stressed, and those in your close circle are going to understand it better than most. When you let off steam and speak to your nearest and dearest, you’re sure to feel a huge sense of relief.

Get More Sleep

Be honest with this one. How much sleep are you really getting each night? If you’re living in halls or student accommodation, the fun and excitement that goes with it may mean you’re only getting a few hours of shuteye a night. Over time, this isn’t going to be good for your stress levels!

If you find you’re anxious and can’t pinpoint why, sleep deprivation could be the answer. Now is the time to reassess your sleeping pattern and make a conscious effort to get more zzz in. Try going to sleep and waking up at the same time to realign your body clock. Also, steer clear of caffeine or alcohol before bed!

While the media would have you believe students just go out drinking and partying all the time, we know that isn’t the case. Studying can be stressful and really take its toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. To keep in good spirits and help you come out the other side with the grades you want, trying any of the above can help alleviate stress and anxiety and ensure you enjoy your student years.