Perhaps like many, you are considering “how I can reduce my Gym costs” – Because you are feeling the pinch as food costs and other bills, including heating, continue to soar. But unfortunately, fitness is often seen as a luxury rather than an essential. In this article, we look at creative ways to save yourself some money on your gym costs without losing your fitness goals.

What are the average gym costs in the UK?

According to leading sources, including; Super Prof, Money Helper and Future Fit, the average cost per month for Gym Membership is £40.00. This is a whopping amount to find monthly, excluding travel costs, drinks or coffee while there. Specific Classes are often an additional cost. These costs are for an average student or otherwise, so you can expect to pay around £500 per year for your gym membership.

In what ways can you save costs on your gym membership?

Look for offers

Firstly look out for offers we run through Student Pocket Guide. We have student discount pages and offers running on gym memberships for various gyms.

Think smart

The second option is to consider grouping equipment together. When in a shared house with mates, each could contribute a fixed amount toward equipment. If you used five and half months of a gym membership, that’s, say, £220 each. The UK average for student house share ranges from between 4 and 20.

So if you take six students and all contribute five and a half months’ membership fees as a sensible starting point, collectively, this is around £1320 as a budget.

How could you spend this budget?

  • A flat weight bench and Hex weight set can be brought as a package for around £450. This includes 6 x hand weights of all sizes so that it can be used for circuit training.
  • A 6ft international Olympic bar and 50kg plate set can be purchased for around £270, and this includes 6 x plates, along with quick-release bar clips.
  • Include a cast iron Kettlebell package that includes 10 x kettlebells of various sizes. £470
  • Then 6x Exercise mats around £102

The total package – is £1242

Budget £1320 – Cost @ £1242 = £78 left over. Leave this in the kitty.

(Remember buying together will also mean just one shipping cost).

Fitness brands like Mirafit and others sell all types of Gym Packages, so look online for the right products for you.

Why is purchasing a good option?

With the equipment being used for an average of 3 years, you are well remunerated.

£40 x 36 months = £1440 per student over the 3-year period.

£8,640 for six students over three years.

> On paper, this is a saving of £7,290

Other reasons include:

  • With the equipment above, the required storage area is relatively small, making them very practical.
  • Group exercise before heading out or between free periods is perfect.
  • The weights can be resold when you are done to recoup some of the original costs.
  • You could expect to resell for 40% of the initial costs after three years.
  • You could buy some of the equipment from the group when you leave.
  • There will always be someone to spot you in your gym.
  • You can learn new techniques together.
  • You are not paying a membership for a gym you can only use during term time.
  • Mental health benefits of gym exercise

Creative thinking from The Student Pocket Guide

If you are considering a home gym, there is no issue with giving a gym taster session a go, and you might find it helps you choose the right exercise equipment for your home gym, or you may decide that you can justify the expense of Membership – Either way you will benefit from using a taster session in the local Gym.

What things do you need to be aware of?

  • You need to consider space, and this is important in larger shared accommodations. You can find Student Lettings with more space that will help with communal gym space.
  • People can leave, so you need to be clear on the arrangement. Halls and rental arrangements will normally run for six to twelve months, so you will get your money’s worth if you purchase early.
  • You do not need to spend all the kitty in one go, so you can add to the gym with your fitness group.
  • Consider the type of apparatus you order to provide equipment for all involved. Various strengths, sizes and sexes will help guide your buying decisions.
  • Ask the company that you partner with, and they should be happy to help and recommend popular options.


Choose your packages wisely, like an investment club, and consider what you are prepared to put in and what you want to try and achieve. Remember, you can always resell the equipment, so although there is an initial upfront cost, it is a one-off which means that from month 6, you are in positive returns. Use YouTube channels to help you with form and exercise ideas if you are uncomfortable doing a trial at your local Gym. There will likely be someone who’s studying or has studied health and fitness at some level, so lean on them. Enjoy training together and spurring yourselves on. Make the most of the kit and use the equipment to improve your health and mental well-being.