Bring Balance to Your Student Life

Moving out of your family home, going to parties, attending lectures, and starting a completely new routine is an exciting time for students. But it can also take a heavy toll on your health – especially if you’re sitting at a desk for most of the day.

Getting up and moving can help your brain function better, improve your cognitive response, and keep your strength and mobility in top form.

A student gym membership at Welcome Gym Southend gives you unlimited access to fantastic facilities with the support of a welcoming and friendly gym community.

Weights Or Cardio? We’ve Got You Covered

No matter your interest or goal, the large main gym floor at Welcome Gym Southend is equipped with an extensive range of cardiovascular, resistance, functional, free weights, and lifting kit.

Our hands-on team are also always there to help if you’re not sure how to set up a piece of equipment or need some fitness advice.

Free Group Fitness Classes and Workshops

Group fitness classes bring a social element to the gym, motivation to a workout routine, and an opportunity to try out new techniques in a safe and supportive environment. Plus, they’re great to do with a friend!

Welcome Gym Southend boasts a large and airy studio space with a separate spin bike studio. All Group Fitness Classes are FREE and included in your gym membership.

Explore our diverse Group Fitness Class timetable with weekly classes including Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Les Mills, Aerobics, and more.