The digital age we live in has changed a lot of things in modern life, and finding love is no exception. The popularity of online dating has increased recently, and this pattern is expected to persist.

In fact, over 366 million people used online dating services in 2022, and it is predicted that 440 million individuals will use these services to find love by 2027. Whether you’re new to the online dating scene or simply attempting a different approach, here are a few ways how to pick the best dating app for you.

Checking reviews

Look at the app store or website reviews to evaluate how well the platform meets user expectations. User evaluations can draw attention to software issues, but also the app’s positive aspects. For instance, if you’re thinking about trying out online dating and looking for a website or app, such as Doubelist that offers a variety of opportunities including personal ads and classifieds, make sure to first check the Doublelist reviews to make the process simpler and easier.

Checking reviews and ratings is very important when deciding which platform you want to use to meet new people. You should confirm that the app is beneficial to others and has a sufficient number of users to function before signing up.

Select an application based on your preferences

While some dating apps cater to all users, others provide more specialized features or target a specific demographic that can help in finding your perfect match. For instance, if you’re older and seeking a partner that is the same age as you, make use of one of the best free senior dating apps. Another example is if you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community; you can choose a dating app that’s specifically developed for that audience.

Establish your goals

Numerous reasons exist for why people use dating apps. Some people are hoping to make new friends, while others are looking for hookups or long-term relationships. In fact, relationship goals have been added to dating apps to help you be more explicit about your intentions. Many applications also offer friendship settings or other objectives for users who still need to be ready to dive into the dating scene.

See which apps provide choices that fit with your own objectives. Making your intentions known upfront can help avoid misunderstandings with new partners.

Set your parameters

It’s crucial to consider your goals before entering any dating setting, but this is especially true for online dating apps since you are essentially eliminating possible matches based on your tastes.

For instance, would dating someone who drank a few drinks a week be a deal-breaker for you if you were sober, or the opposite if you weren’t? If you practice a religion, would you find it impossible to date someone who doesn’t share your beliefs?

Establish your dealbreakers

Is there anything that would make you reject an application right away? This could be relevant to the data collection process, matching algorithm, or fundamental idea of an app.

Establish your deal-breakers early on. For instance, you might not be eager to disclose that kind of information if an app asks you to sign up using a Google or Facebook account. You might prefer to choose an alternative, if an app has a reputation for being heavily focused on looks.

Decide whether you are prepared to pay for a subscription

There are paid subscriptions available for many free dating applications. Despite the fact that you may get by with free functionality, some apps hide important tools behind paywalls.

Check out which applications provide the best premium features if you’re prepared to pay for a subscription. However, if you just want to utilize free versions of an app, check to see that it doesn’t reserve all of its best features for the expensive plans.

Ask friends for suggestions

It might be helpful to acquire a recommendation from your friends who use dating apps. They are able to inform you of any drawbacks that aren’t commonly known outside of the user base because they have used the apps themselves.

For instance, those that use certain dating apps are aware of how heavily they rely on attractiveness. However, a regular user may be able to draw attention to other issues, such as the app’s obnoxious number of alerts or the requests for you to confirm your email address.


No matter how experienced you are with using dating apps, they occasionally can feel overwhelming or annoying. Remind yourself that going slowly is acceptable. Even occasionally taking a vacation from using dating apps is advantageous. However, when used thoughtfully, dating apps may be a terrific tool to figure out what you want out of relationships and dating, as well as possibly meet other singles who share your beliefs.