For students considering places to continue their studies, the United Kingdom is the top option due to its various unique courses and great colleges. Not only do the UK education systems allow part-time job opportunities, and the colleges are sought after for courses ranging from fashion and finance to culinary arts and computer sciences. Due to the said reasons, London is a hub for international students, causing it to be under the spotlight in the education field. This article will take you on a tour, through its contents, of the best places to consider for residence in London, a place of culture.

When moving to London, we should be aware of how vast it is, in terms of area, culture and shopping malls! These neighbourhood choices will help you select the perfect place to live in. They are filled with culture and diversity and will soon be able to feel at home.


The first on the list, is one of the neighbourhoods that still gives the feel of old, vintage London. In the east of London, Shoreditch is filled with celebrities and locals, hence having modern housing, old estates, and pockets of terraced avenues. Every Sunday, it hosts a weekly event known as the Columbia Road Flower Market, which engulfs the streets in multicoloured foliage. Definitely, a sight to behold and visit. It is also home to many bakeries and cafes, making it the perfect atmosphere to relax and concentrate. Students will fall in love with its streets and the gifts it has to offer.


It is said that Brixton has one of the most enchanting vibes in all of London. From the smells of eateries and drinks to the sights of the metro and the music spots, this south-London neighbourhood boasts about its culture. For students, it is ideal, consisting of everything from eating to tourism. If Shoreditch is a landmark for vintage London, Brixton is one for the city’s modern versions. It is also known for its metro connections, for people frequently travelling between Brixton and Soho, with many others.


With the river Thames flowing through, Greenwich is a fast-developing region, with an array of restaurants and retail shops. With this, the demand for residence here also booms. Like many areas in London, Greenwich also has a vast market that showcases its glamour in the form of vintage clothing, fantastic food and more! The tube station here also is very convenient. With a World Heritage Site within it, Greenwich is filled with many attractions and leisure spaces.


With the Madame Tussauds and the Sherlock museums, it is one of the top most desirable places for students to live in. Marylebone is considered one of the biggest fashion hubs in London and contributes to the shopping niches known worldwide. It has various culture-related destinations and an outstanding community strength as a whole.


A semi-hidden, village-like city bound to provide comfort, calm and composure is the city of Dulwich. The accommodations blend Victorian and Edwardian styles of living. As it lacks a bit on the side of tube stations, this place is only considered sometimes, but it is now developing. There are spots for boating and parks for rejuvenation and relaxation.


It is known for it is a cluster of neighbourhoods around the Clapham Common Park. The sun shining in the Common, brings people together from all over London. This city-like village is hosts boutiques and cafes.


Another region on the banks of the famous Thames, this is the perfect mix of a modern yet peaceful place. Home to many celebrities, Putney is renowned for its pubs, the various store chains, and it is the furthest from the central city. It is said to be one of the most sought after places for young couples and students alike due to the range of family activities. Putney is also known for its nightlife surprises when the town comes alive to celebrate with cocktails.


If you are a fan of antiques and quirkiness, Bermondsey is the perfect place. Another example of an ideal vintage-modern mix, this brings the feel of bohemian-feels cafes and markets. An area filled with cultural significance, with many eateries, it is also known for the fashion and textile museum, which displays fashion pieces and conducts workshops.

The City of London

The City’s architecture is breathtaking, with modern skyscrapers, and home to the famous Big Ben and the British Museum. Out of all the above regions, it gives the most cosmopolitan vibes, according to residents, and still has pieces of history such as the double-decker buses, phone booths and various galleries. You can even find great accommodation in London with amberstudent!


As the most liveable borough, Hackney is known for its interiors, such as grand chandeliers and marble floor designs, in its town hall. Parallely, sources have stated that it is also one of the top 20 most posh places to live in. This is another London city that has a brilliant nightlife and simultaneously has calm mornings. For a theatre enthusiast, it is also known to have a cultural core in music, dance and even films—another developing region to consider for the youth.

To sum up, London is the capital filled with tiny pockets of culture, uniqueness, and modern but also vintage regions. Though many are still developing, in the sense of emerging places for the current generation for calmness and focus, these seemingly-utopian places can definitely be considered for students. The communities, in general, are very diverse and accepting.

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