Intrigued to know why you should consider Birmingham when deciding on a university to apply to? Not only is it home to reputable higher education establishments, but the city also boasts a vibrant cultural scene and student population. Here’s why Birmingham is a brilliant place to spend your student years.

Academic excellence

Birmingham has been hailed for its academic excellence, boasting several well-regarded universities. The University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and Aston University give students plenty of choice when choosing an institution that meets their academic ambitions.

The University of Birmingham in particular is ranked in the top 100 universities globally and has experts paving the way in women’s health and more across its prestigious life sciences and health research departments.

Job opportunities

A large pull factor of Birmingham is the sheer size of it, and therefore, the amount of job opportunities here. It’s one of the UK’s key economic hubs and regeneration projects have helped to accelerate its growth in certain areas.

As a result, students and graduates can seek out work experience or job opportunities across many strong sectors. The legal field is a good example, with lots of students opting to apply to reputable law firms specialising in dealing with disputes in Birmingham. Thinking long-term about opportunities that will aid life after graduating is another important factor.

Student-friendly city

Moving to a student-friendly city can enhance an individual’s experience in many ways. For one thing, many people might find it less daunting or isolating to live in hubs where students reside.

Plus, this creates the potential for local activities and amenities to open up in these areas, to attract the student population. Having plenty of choices when it comes to activities can help with socialisation while encouraging the creation of new skills. Students from around the world can come together and create memories together, while contributing to the city’s diverse cultural fabric


You won’t find yourself feeling bored as a student in Birmingham. The city’s thriving music and arts scene means you’ll be spoilt for choice with festivals, gigs and events all year round. You’ll never be far from something that takes your fancy. The size of the city opens up plenty of small-scale events and venues too, beyond the city centre, giving you yet more incentive to explore.

Poignant cultural institutions in Birmingham include the ‘creative quarter’, The Custard Factory, which is home to art galleries, boutique shops and a theatre. On top of this, you can visit exhibitions at The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, catch a film at the Electric Cinema or watch a show at Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre, which hosts Birmingham Royal Ballet and more.