A diploma or certificate is not only a testament to your hard work and achievement but also a piece of art that deserves a quality frame for display.

What is a Diploma Frame?

A diploma frame is a special type of picture frame designed to display diplomas, degrees, or other certificates of achievement. These frames are generally made to fit standard diploma sizes, but can also be custom-made for documents that have non-standard dimensions. Diploma frames often include several components to enhance the presentation and preserve the document. 


Frame: This is the outer structure that holds the entire piece together. It can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or plastic, and comes in many styles and finishes to match different preferences or décor styles.

Mat: The mat is a border that surrounds the diploma within the frame, adding depth and a professional look to the display. Mats also help protect the diploma from damage by keeping it separated from the glass.

Glazing: This is the glass or acrylic cover that protects the diploma from dust, sunlight, and other potential harm. Some glazing options also provide UV protection to prevent fading.

Backing: This is the supportive material at the back of the frame. It’s often made from foam core or similar materials and helps keep the document flat and secure.

Some diploma frames also include specific school colours or logos as part of the matting or design, adding a customised touch to the display. 

Choosing a Diploma Frame: Quick Guide

1. Measure Your Document

The first step in framing your diploma or certificate is determining its dimensions. Ensure you measure accurately, as a frame that’s too small can damage your document, while a frame that’s too large may look awkward.

2. Decide on Frame Material

Consider the type of material that suits your style and the room decor where the document will be displayed. Wood frames provide a traditional, elegant look that works well in professional settings. Metal frames offer a sleek, modern appeal. If you’re on a budget, consider a high-quality plastic frame that can mimic the look of wood or metal.

3. Choose the Mat

Matting is crucial for aesthetic appeal and to protect the document from damage caused by contact with the glass. Use archival or acid-free matting to prevent yellowing over time. For colour, typically, black or shades of white are preferred for diploma or certificate frames, but you could match your mat colour to a colour in the seal or logo of your school for added appeal.

4. Select Appropriate Glazing

Glazing refers to the glass or acrylic that covers and protects the document. Regular glass is cost-effective but may produce a glare. Non-glare glass reduces reflection but can somewhat distort the view. Acrylic is lighter and more shatter-resistant but can scratch easily. 

For maximum protection, consider UV-protective glass or acrylic, especially if your document will be hung in a location exposed to sunlight.

5. Consider a Custom Frame

If your document has unusual dimensions or you want a specific style, a custom frame might be the best option. It allows for more personalisation and ensures that the frame fits your document perfectly.

6. Choose the Right Frame Shop

Whether you’re buying a ready-made or custom frame, it’s important to choose a reputable frame shop. Look for framers who are familiar with framing diplomas and certificates and who use quality materials.


Remember, your diploma or certificate is a symbol of your accomplishments and deserves to be showcased properly. Take your time choosing a frame that protects, enhances, and adds value. 

Whether you’ve earned a high school diploma, a university degree, or a professional certification, a diploma frame allows you to display your achievement with pride while preserving it for years to come.