Today’s modern workplaces can be pretty dangerous, don’t you think? Imagine a typical office—rows of cubicles, desks, computers on them. On a typical day, you’ll see rows of individuals hunched over their desk, punching on their keyboard. Or, during lunchbreak, you’ll see employees slouched on their chair, browsing on their phone. Today’s workplaces have become breeding ground for some unhealthy habits that constitute the sedentary lifestyle that has characterised many people’s lives.

If you find yourself in this situation day in and day out, it’s time you get out of the routine. Consider a standing desk.

Why a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is an adjustable desk—you can adjust it from one height to another, depending on its height range. It is designed to allow you to work even when you are standing. Imagine replacing your typical work routine with this:

You start working seated on your chair, typing on your laptop or answering emails. After 30 minutes or so, as you move to another task, you decide to work standing. You simply press a button in the keypad at the side of the standing desk, and then the desk moves up to a preset standing height. So you stand, and you can continue working on your computer as usual. After a few minutes of work done while you are standing, when you start feeling your legs getting tired, you press the keypad and the standing desk lowers down, and now you can resume work sitting.

Imagine this happening throughout the day. When you stand while you work, you are constantly engaging your leg and feet muscles as you balance yourself, and this movements affects all other muscles in your body, keeping them active. And as you make the consistent shift from sitting to standing, you are moving and adjusting your back and spine, correcting their position so they stay in good shape.

By doing this, you are naturally moving throughout the day even as you work, and this translates to a wide range of health benefits, both physical and mental in nature.

  • You can eliminate back pain, including pain on your shoulders, neck, and legs.
  • You can improve blood and oxygen circulation in your body, which is crucial to overall body health.
  • You can keep your brain working in optimal level, and you may notice an increase in your energy, alertness, and even your productivity.

Developing Healthy Habits at Work

So, you have the standing desk, and you alternate between sitting and standing daily while you work. What other habits can help you stay healthy in the workplace? Check out the following:

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Make sure you are getting enough fluid into your body. Apart from coffee, get your daily dose of water. Have a tumbler with you, and make frequent trips to the water cooler—that means more water and more movement, which both contribute to good health.

Eat Well and Eat Clean

Eating well has to do with the frequency by which you eat. Avoid mindless snacking in your workstation. And when you do snack, eat clean food. Avoid greasy, fatty junk food and switch to healthy snacks instead—nuts, fruits, or vegetable sticks, among others.

Add More Natural Movement

This means apart from alternating between sitting and standing as you work, find time to stretch and walk around. Instead of picking up the phone to call a colleague and ask about a project or a task, walk over to him for a quick chat. Instead of sitting for meetings, try standing meetings instead.

Get Fresh Air and Sunlight

If you can, go outside. Take a quick walk during lunch time just to enjoy some fresh air and get your dose of Vitamin D, as well as get away from your computer and from the day’s task. You’ll find that when you come back, you are refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.

Manage Your Stress

This means creating the right boundary between work and personal life. In the office, this also means identifying your priorities so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the tasks that are on your plate. And lastly, learn to listen to your body. If you feel you need a break, take it. It will benefit you in the long term.

Taking the First Step: Choose the Right Standing Desk

After considering all the habits that will help you stay healthy at work, it’s time to make the first big step—it’s time to pick a standing desk for your workspace. Check the MotionGrey Standing Desk. A pairing of a high-quality three-segmented steel frame and a durable table top made from sustainable materials, you get top functionality and style from this desk. It is perfect for different heights, large loads of weight, and designed for different kinds of working environment.

Take the first step today and start developing healthy habits in the workplace.

Standing Desk

Standing Desk