Video gaming has become a big part of popular culture over the last 30 years. Some might argue that the real revolution started back in the 1980s when arcades would be full of gamers every weekend, playing the latest retro games like Space Invaders and Tetris. However, once video gaming consoles became a permanent fixture in tens of millions of homes throughout North America, Europe and Asia, this was, for many, when the real change began to take place.

Video gaming advancements are one of the many areas in gaming that have benefitted extensively from the extraordinary advances that the internet has brought to society. As well as video gaming, casino gaming has witnessed a tremendous change, going from land-based operations to multibillion-dollar digital, global corporations in less than 20 years. The convenience that online casino gaming injected into the industry resulted in dozens of highly reputable companies establishing their online presence early and successfully. Betsafe is one of many companies that can provide a comprehensive service dealing with online casino gamers, regardless of whether they want to play roulette, poker, slots or blackjack games via online desktops or mobile devices.

Even when home consoles became all the range, they were still expensive pieces of equipment, and they couldn’t connect to the internet in the same way they can today. Ultimately, how the internet changed the casino industry is similar to how it changed the video game sector – with both advances resulting in millions of people playing together online and fuelling the rise of esports tournaments.

However, regardless of the early primitive designs, which weren’t internet compatible, they were unbelievably groundbreaking, opening the door for many people to enjoy video gaming nights with their friends and family, host video game tournaments and bring people together in a social environment. If you want a social night involving video games, we have put our brains together and compiled our top three tips to ensure your night runs as smoothly as possible.

#1 – Be an accommodating host

If you were to host a dinner party or a movie night, supplying ample refreshments for your guests is a vital tip. We’re not saying you need to go down to the store and spend £200, but having a range of snacks, drinks and food available is a hallmark of a good host. Happy gamers contribute to a friendly and warm atmosphere – well-fed and happy gamers make for good vibes all round.

It’s not just the food and drinks on offer. Ensuring your guests have all they need and being on hand to assist ensures that you play your part in cultivating an atmospheric gaming environment that results in a good night for everybody involved. Video gaming is just one of many components that can help improve our mental health, as is meeting up with friends on a social basis. If you’re able to facilitate this as a proficient host, then it could be the first of many video game nights you plan – if you have the time, of course.

#2 – Plan your game

While it can be fun to throw caution to the wind and have an unplanned game night, it is often best to decide on the game you play before everybody shows up. If you invite several friends and choose to play FIFA, but less than half of them have played the latest version, this will clearly work against you in your quest to create an atmospheric gaming environment.

Let’s say your friends would rather play a team game of Call of Duty, and you haven’t purchased the game; this is another surefire way to dampen the mood. The end result? An underwhelming games night and not the gaming environment either you or your friends were hoping for.

#3 – Pick the right setup

You don’t need to go overboard or overthink this particular step too much. However, if you have a specific number of people around to your humble abode for a games night, simply ticking off the basics is a solid start. How many seats will you need? Is the lighting right in the room? Do you have enough controllers or do you need to ask somebody to bring a spare?

These all might sound a little basic, but if you skip any of these steps, they can have an untold knock-on effect on the night, causing serious delays and could derail the event completely. This is not a good way to create an atmospheric gaming environment, but as long as you do the little things and follow our other two tips, your night should be a resounding success.