The use of technology has greatly enhanced the learning experience, and students are quick to adopt the latest tools to achieve their academic objectives. It’s crucial to select the tools that provide the most beneficial features and enable each student to excel. The only problem is that there are too many of these tools that exist in the market today. Whether you are still a high schooler or a college student, you will need to pick the software that meets your needs. If you are shopping around for learning tools for boosting your performance in the classroom, here’s a list to get you started:


Taking notes during a classroom lecture can be quite tedious. Things have changed and instead of jotting down terms and concepts on paper, students are now using their phones to take important points on a whiteboard. Evernote takes this to the next level with a camera function that converts images to digital text you can copy and edit. The software also includes other powerful features, allowing you to set reminders, clip content from the web, and organise ideas and notes for the papers you are working on.


If you need to share files in real-time with your teachers or classmates, you can use cloud storage services like Dropbox. This platform integrates seamlessly with Windows PCs which allows you to share documents, photos, and videos in shared folders. Dropbox comes in handy if you need to save backups of term papers and book reports. It also allows you to access files offline as long as they were previously saved to your Dropbox account.


In the educational sector, every second counts. That is why schools use software like Teach ‘n Go to manage the schedules of teaching staff and prevent possible conflicts. Students, on the other hand, enjoy platforms like Clockify for tracking deadlines and blocking out time devoted to studying or doing homework. The platform also works great as a tool for doing the Pomodoro method where you give yourself five-minute breaks every 25 minutes of intense work.


When working on a large project with a group, monitoring progress and preventing duplicate tasks can become challenging. Notion can help solve the typical problems in project management. The possibilities are endless with this tool. You can create a database of resources or even a custom project management tool to delegate tasks and track project progress.


Why carry around a bulky planner when you can download an app that has all the features you need to stay up-to-date with every assignment, project, and activity? Schooltraq is designed solely for the modern learner as it features a user-friendly dashboard. There, you can set your schedules so you won’t miss a single class or activity. It also includes a checklist of tasks you can view on your smartphone.

If you are looking to dominate your classes next school year, you should be equipped with the right tools in your arsenal. Start with the ones on this list and see where they will take you.