Merchandise is more than just garments with a logo on them. It’s a way for your society to be recognised, show your importance and for all your members to be seen as one!

This is the year to make your society stand out from the rest with our help at Actifwear!

We are a family-run business specialising in quality custom-printed and embroidered clothing since 1995! We cater for all things university-related: society /committee jumpers, sportswear and other garments like caps, bags, beanies, and so much more!

The best part is that ordering from us is all so easy, with just three steps:

1 – Choose the garments you want to order and the design

2- Drop us an email on what exactly you want

3- We will make the magic happen and send the order straight to you!

So, committee members, let’s start immediately with your merchandise ideas so you can be the first to stand out and get them sign-ups!

Visit our website to see all the garments available that you can choose from, and get in contact today!