Letting a student house can be a new and confusing experience.

As a student, leaving home for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. There are a lot of changes happening in your life as you get to know new friends, take up new studies and find your feet in a new city; dealing with housing should not add unnecessary stress to this. Sadly however, there are a lot of stories out there of students that have had a nightmare with their landlords or letting agents whilst away at university.

So how are we different?

At Norwich Student Lettings, we have been managing student tenancies for almost 10 years. In that time, we have had thousands of students rent houses through us. We have developed and honed our lettings process to serve the tenants and mentor students in how to look after a property, get the most out of their tenancy and avoid deposit deductions at the end. We provide a proactive approach from viewings season all the way through to the check-out meeting. With videos and a couple of in-person meetings with each group, we hope to teach and inform students exactly how the lettings process works and what is expected of them as tenants. By building strong foundations at the start of your tenancy, we hope that you can end well, receive all your deposit back and get a glowing property reference from us if needed for future accommodation.

We take the approach of being “here when you need us”. Each property has a designated property manager, someone who knows the house and the landlord and will get to know you a bit as the tenant too. This manager will guide you through the contract signing process and provide the information you need to thrive as a tenant. Once you’ve been checked into the property, this manager will be available via email, phone call and our management system, Arthur Online. This means that you have a designated point of call for any tenancy related questions during your stay in one of our houses. When things are going smoothly in the house you should hardly hear from us, but we’re just a phone call away if your boiler breaks down or you’re having an issue with your washing machine.

Speaking of maintenance issues…

The one-way landlords and property managers can really annoy their tenants is by not responding to maintenance issues in a timely manner. Whether your oven has gone wrong, or the bath is leaking, you don’t want it to feel like you’re banging your head against a wall trying to get these issues fixed with no one responding to you. At Norwich Student Lettings, we want your tenancy to go smoothly, we want to look after the house on behalf of the landlord and we want you to leave the property at the end of the year with a really positive opinion of our company. To do this, we’ve honed our maintenance system to make raising and sorting these issues straightforward. We use a system called Fix-Flo, built into our Arthur Online application that takes you through a series of questions to ascertain what the issue is, whether there is anything you can do to sort it as a tenant and sends the issue straight to your designated property manager. From here we can keep the whole group in the loop on how we will go about sorting the issue and whether we’ll need to get any tradesmen over.

So, if you’re looking for student housing in Norwich in the foreseeable future, get in touch. We’re here when you need us.