Your accommodation plays a vital role in ensuring a successful and enjoyable study experience in Barcelona. The city of Barcelona offers one of the best accommodations to students. There are different kinds of accommodation to suit your taste and ensure your comfort.

In this blog post, we’ll explore tips on how to find the best student accommodation. From shared apartments to private rental apartments and more. Read on to find the right accommodation for you with little or no stress.

The different types of student accommodation in Barcelona

There are many types of student accommodation in Barcelona. Listed below are the different types of student arrangements in this city:

1. Shared apartments

Shared apartments are one of the popular choices amongst student accommodation in Barcelona. In shared apartments, students get to rent individual rooms within a larger apartment. There is a wide variety of these larger apartments in Barcelona, where space is shared with other students and residents. Shared apartments guarantee your comfort and the opportunity to split the bills.

2. Private rental apartments

Here is another choice popular amongst students, that can decide to rent a private apartment on their own or split bills with roommates. Private rental apartments come with the flexibility to choose a location that suits your preference. There is also a high level of independence and privacy with private rental apartments.

3. Student residences

Student residences are specifically designed for students. They are privately owned by students. In student residences, you find amenities such as gyms, study rooms, communal spaces and more. Living in student residences provides an opportunity to balance independence and a supportive community.

4. Temporary housing services

Temporary housing services are peculiar to students who only need accommodation for some time. This type of services work as agencies to provide short-term housing solutions to students. These services also offer a range of location options in different neighbourhoods, making your stay in Barcelona enjoyable.

Tips on how to find the best student accommodation in Barcelona

Here are some tips to help you find the best student accommodation in Barcelona:

1. Start early

Barcelona is a popular destination for both local and international students, and the demand for student accommodation is high. Beginning your search on time gives you an edge in getting the accommodation of your choice. When you begin your search early enough, you have a wider pool of available options at your beck and call.

2. Set a realistic budget

Student accommodation in Barcelona is quite affordable. Setting a budget involves a budget for accommodation and all other associated expenses. It reduces unnecessary expenditures and helps in your decision-making when it comes to student accommodation and managing your finances. Remember to set a realistic budget and follow through with it.

3. Read rental contracts carefully

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant are all contained in the rental contracts. When you find a potential accommodation, you must read the rental contract thoroughly. By knowing what is expected of you and what’s not, you can make that firm decision of moving in or not. If there are terms you do not understand, always seek clarification.

4. Inspect the accommodation

You must inspect the accommodation before committing to any rental. Ensure the accommodation is to your preference and the property meets your expectations before moving in. An inspection allows you to identify any existing damages that would otherwise cause issues in the future.


Barcelona remains the heart of studentship where youthful energy and fun are never short of supply, making it the ideal place to go on Erasmus. Finding the right student accommodation is essential and needs careful research and planning. Understand your housing options, budget wisely and more importantly, begin your search early.

Remember, your accommodation plays a vital role in your study abroad and with these tips, you can make the most of your time in Barcelona.