Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sandy Macaskill and I’m the co-owner of a fitness studio brand in the UK called Barry’s. Twelve years ago, in my mid-twenties so not that much older than you guys reading this, I did a
full body class in the New York studio of the fitness company that called itself “Hollywood’s best-kept
secret” and “the best workout in the world.”

Sixty minutes later, I made the decision to quit my dream job as a sports journalist, sell my
(admittedly very cheap) car, personally guarantee my house to the bank (without telling the brother I
co-owned it with), and bring the workout to London.

And honestly — I wasn’t even that fussed with going to the gym. Gyms were freakin’ boring.

So why would I do something so crazy?

Because Barry’s is special. And I want you to love it like I love it. Because trust me, Barry’s being on your doorstep is the best thing you could hope to have alongside you for your first year at university.

Let me tell you a bit about Barry’s.

Firstly there is the studio, and the workout itself. Barry’s is basically like a nightclub, but one you don’t have to drink (or dance) at if you don’t want to.

Imagine a long, dark room, lit only with red lights, one side lined with the best treadmills on the

It’s on those that you’ll spend half the class working yourself into a crescendo of dopamine and
endorphin fuelled euphoria.

And no it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a runner.

We specialise in interval training, which means you’re never running for too long, you get plenty of
breaks and an insane sound system drowns out any negative thoughts that might float up into your
mind anyway!

The other half of the room is lined with benches for strength training with dumbbells or resistance
bands. You’ll spend half the class bicep curling, squatting, lunging, chest pressing.

Have no idea what I’m talking about?

That’s what our instructors are for. They’ve all been where you are as a complete beginner.
They’re there to show you how to do it, when to do it, why to do it, and motivate you to do it despite the
hangover you might have walked in with.

The combination of running and weights is the science that helps burn fat, build lean muscle,
to get you fit and toned and able to sprint to the lecture hall when you’re late for class without leaving
you in a pool of sweat.

But the magic comes from you and the people alongside you.
Running with you.
Lifting with you.
Sweating with you.

That’s what will leave you feeling like you can conquer anything your day might throw your way.
If you’re anything like me, you’ll miss the camaraderie of team sports when you leave school. Or
maybe just the camaraderie of the group of friends you’ve left behind. Or maybe you’re feeling a little
lost or lonely in a brand-new city. Especially one the size of London.

That’s where the community at Barry’s comes in.

Lifelong friends have been made here. Because as different as everyone may look or feel, every client is joined by the shared experience.

You could be running alongside a stay-at-home mum, lifting next to a fellow student, cursing at the
instructor with a lawyer, high-fiving a banker, sharing a shake at the Fuel Bar after with a journalist, a
tinker, tailor, or candlestick maker…

Maybe even getting a selfie with Harry Styles or Brooklyn Beckham… It’s been known to happen 😉

And right now, I’m gonna let you experience all this and take your first class at Barry’s for just £9!
If all that still doesn’t convince you, I’m gonna leave you with a final tip (for free).

When you graduate and head to your first job interview, take a Barry’s branded bottle of water with
you and stick it on the table in front of the interviewer.

Ten quid says they ask you who your favourite instructor is and you spend the rest of the interview
talking about Barry’s.

Trust me, the gig will practically be yours!

Come and join our Barry’s community with our £9 first-time offer. You can also join our Under 27
exclusive membership! Sign up to our waiting list and you can be part of the fun. 8 classes every 30
days at 27% off. No strings attached.