We guess it’s not a secret if we tell that millions of students from different countries around the world use essay-writing companies every year. They need their help for different reasons – problems with a definite subject, several paper types, time management, skills, and so on. It’s only necessary to leave an online question similar to – What cheap service can write my essay for me cheap? Check the results and select the best variant.

Today, there is a consistent tendency to use AI even by writing sites. They say artificial intelligence can help to tailor content and thus meet the individual needs of customers. Is it really true, or is it just a dream for the future? Our comprehensive blog post will shed some light on this captivating question. So, continue reading because it’s a really interesting topic.

Personified Topic

Chatbots write papers according to the topics you need. They are pretty precise in the way they cover the issues you ask them to. You can fully customise the process of writing according to your demands. Many freelance writers use AI bots to get great ideas.

To understand this feature better, we need to figure out how it works. You only need to mention several keywords or form a complete topic. AI will surf the Internet to provide you with the best ideas in the field. It finds the most relevant sources of information:

  • Scientific articles
  • Expert reviews
  • Scientific research
  • Official surveys, etc.

AI makes a combination of different sources. As a result, you get a personified paper. It’s a great advantage and support for writers. They can get the right insights about how to make any order suitable to the needs of their clients.

Quick Results

You should know that modern chatbots write essays and other pieces of writing very fast. They get instant access to online databases and start to write in a few seconds. You need to wait for about a minute or two, and the text will be ready! It is properly tailored, has bullet lists, is divided into logical blocks, and is readable. As one of the common demands of most students is speed help, AI tools suit this need perfectly.

Problems That Emerge

Now, we must review the opposite side of this phenomenon. You should know that the use of AI-based tools is not perfect. Check the following disadvantages:

  • Lack of creativity. AI-driven apps are not able to think outside the box. They just use the text written by others, take some parts from them, and writes new additional text. Nonetheless, they are not creative at all. AI still cannot understand a lot of the motivations of humans.
  • Plagiarism in everything. No AI app is able to write 100% authentic texts. There are always definite elements of plagiarism, and sometimes it is over-spammed. As a result, you will have to rewrite them and spend precious time doing so.
  • Not a complete understanding. AI frequently misunderstands humans. One may ask to highlight a definite topic, but the programme discloses just a bit or completely different. Such obstacles waste your time.
  • No trust. The sum of the previously mentioned drawbacks, you cannot trust AI entirely. It is better to use it for research and as a good example of how a definite essay should be written.

Why Writers Are Better?

It is logical that we should explain why human writers are better than machines. The first and most important proof is the possibility to think outside the box. Humans can always understand humans. The machine may never get a concept you’re trying to explain in various ways.

Secondly, professional writers are multisided. They can provide you with all the necessary abilities to complete any of your academic projects in any suitable way. They can write, rewrite, outline, edit, proofread, etc. Custom writing platforms commonly have hundreds of experts, which means you can find professionals in any academic discipline. They surely can cope with any piece of writing:

  • Essay
  • Resume
  • Speech
  • Dissertation
  • Book critique
  • Movie review
  • Lab report
  • Coursework
  • Presentation
  • Term paper, etc.

Skilled writers are very swift. They are able to meet very short time limits. For example, a common essay can be fulfilled in 2-4 hours only. They sharpen their skills regularly and always learn the latest and most effective time management methods. If your conditions are realistic, you will get your order before the deadline is over.

Thirdly, you will never encounter plagiarism in your papers if you use the aid of human writers. They have huge experience in writing all types of papers, and they surely understand what phrases can potentially lead to plagiarism. They replace such elements with unique and modern analogs.

A lot of texts are written from their experience and brilliant minds. When they use the official sources, they do not simply copy and paste. They rework the materials and add them originally. They will never plagiarise other authors. To be sure such issues never take place, they also use special checking tools. These can spot the slightest signs of plagiarism, and they will be eliminated by your writer.

Professionals also help to deal with formatting, citing, and referencing. Your texts will be shaped according to any academic writing style. It can be APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, Turabian, and others. The prices are commonly quite cheap, and ordinary students will be able to afford professional online help.

Defining Words for Our Readers

This informative blog post has clearly illustrated several drawbacks of using artificial intelligence while writing and personifying orders of students by custom writing sites. If you see a site that offers to solve your learning problems this way, it’s better to look for one that uses only human writers. AI is not perfect at all, and you should not trust it. You should also check with special AI-detection apps the texts written for you. Perhaps some sites use chatbots but do not tell you about them.