If you’ve already graduated with your degree in education, you may well be wondering, why should I even consider further studies? The truth is, there are a multitude of excellent reasons why further study is always a good idea!

From the many benefits of obtaining a higher qualification to the exponential professional and personal growth you will experience through further learning, as well as the networking opportunities, of course, the arguments for further study are abundant. Not to mention the sense of personal satisfaction and achievement you will attain upon completion of your course!

So, to learn more about further study and why you should consider it as an education grad – just read on!

1. Attaining a Higher Qualification

So, you’ve completed your undergraduate degree in education. What’s next?

For many education graduates, the logical next step is to jump straight into a career in teaching! However, for graduates who choose to pause on this and pursue further studies instead, the career opportunities are even greater. By completing a Master of Education (Early Childhood) for example, your job prospects will multiply. In an overly saturated job market, possessing a higher qualification such as a Master’s degree gives you a competitive edge over other graduates. Attaining a Master’s in Education also opens up doorways and career opportunities that may not otherwise be available to other lower-level graduates.

2. Further Developing Your Skills and Knowledge

As a Masters student, you will take your existing skills and knowledge to the next level! Needless to say, studying education at a Master’s level allows students to delve deeper into key concepts and learning outcomes – allowing for a more in-depth understanding of the issues at hand. Some of the learnings you will cover during a Masters course in education can include:

  • How to become a leader in education
  • How to navigate global education settings
  • The theories and fundamentals behind best-practice education and assessment

3. Building Up Your Professional Experience

Likely, as a fresh grad, you may not yet have practical professional experience in education. Studying at a higher level provides Masters students the opportunity to gain industry experience and knowledge – particularly through their teaching staff. Masters students may even have the opportunity to complete an industry-based, internship-style placement within real-world educational settings, enabling them to build upon their professional experience. An internship placement is also an excellent way to network and create new professional connections within the education industry.

4. Networking and Creating New Professional Connections

While completing your Masters in education, you will no doubt have the opportunity to build on your professional network – both by creating connections with your peers, and with your academic tutoring staff. You may even be able to make a mentoring connection with a member of your teaching staff. Having the support and guidance of a mentor is invaluable for anyone seeking to further their career and can help immensely in guiding you towards the best professional decisions.

Networking can also lead to a larger pool of job opportunities, as well as open doors to career prospects you may not even have considered previously, or even realised you were available to you! As they say, often, it’s not what you know but who you know that can enable ambitious individuals to reach their career goals – and professional networking can go far in terms of maximising your professional reputation and propelling your career progression.

5. Gaining a Sense of Personal Achievement

Without a doubt, the personal growth that comes with higher education can lead to a wonderful sense of achievement, fulfilment and satisfaction. Along with this, it is important to reward and celebrate your achievement! You have put in a great deal of work and dedication to gain your higher qualification, and you deserve to feel proud of yourself. Take the time to commend your efforts and acknowledge the sacrifices you have made to achieve this goal!

If you are an education grad who is considering further study – don’t hesitate! Aside from the obvious benefit of attaining a higher qualification, there are many other positives to pursuing further education in your field. As well as building on your existing professional skills, knowledge and experience, you will also have the opportunity to build your professional network and perhaps, even garner the support of a mentor. So, if you’re thinking about enrolling in a Masters course, don’t delay. Your future self will thank you for it!