Students are among one of the many groups of people affected by the high cost of living. These days many students opt to find a part-time job to support themselves during their studies. One of the more popular student jobs is private tuition. Aside from earning some money, private tuition will also provide you with valuable experience to add to your CV. These are just a few reasons why students become private tutors in their spare time.

In this article, we’ll discuss tips for students who want to earn money as tutors and provide advice for their profitable journey.

Tips on How to Effectively Prepare for the Role

An excellent way to share your passion for a subject, review basic concepts and get some extra money is to work as a private tutor. Below we’ve shared some tips to help you on your journey as a private tutor.

Finding Tutoring Opportunities

Finding ways to offer your experience is one of the first steps to becoming a student tutor. You should look for opportunities to tutor younger students, whether it’s by becoming an 11 plus tutor or by simply tutoring university students in the year below you. Some schools and universities provide tutoring programs where students can become subject-specific tutors for younger students. Tutoring jobs can also be found at nearby tuition centres or online tutoring platforms such as FindTutors. Don’t forget to use your own network; your friends, relatives, and coworkers might need your help.

Building a Strong Tutoring Profile

To draw in pupils, you must develop an engaging tutoring profile. Highlight your education, any relevant coursework, and any noteworthy accomplishments in the area you’ll be coaching. Ensure that you express your enthusiasm for mentoring and assisting others in succeeding. If you have tutored previously, getting your former students to write you a review and citing their results can boost your profile immensely. Your chances of finding tutoring jobs might be greatly improved by a carefully constructed profile.

Effective Tutoring Strategies

It takes more than just topic knowledge to be a successful private tutor. Effective teaching methods and communication abilities are required. A GCSE tutor, for example, should tailor their lessons to focus on their student’s specific exam board and curriculum, whilst providing tips to on how to approach their exams.

Finally, be kind and gentle when tutoring, especially when it comes to younger kids. Every student learns differently, so adapt your teaching approach to fit their needs. Encourage questions and provide a relaxed learning atmosphere. Keep in mind that you want to cultivate a passion for learning as much as you want to share knowledge.

Managing Time as a Student Tutor

It can be difficult to juggle your tutoring obligations with your schoolwork. The ability to manage your time well is crucial for success in both fields. Make a timetable with designated times for homework, tutoring, and leisure time. Be reasonable about the number of pupils you can efficiently tutor without jeopardising your academic performance and avoid over-committing.

Maximising Earnings

Whatever your drive for tutoring is, it’s crucial to optimise your income. Research local services as well as online platforms to find out what how many tutors typically charge per lesson. To serve a greater variety of pupils, explore providing several packages or services.


Tutoring is an enjoyable way to earn money while you’re a student. You can accomplish this worthwhile activity by doing appropriate planning, looking for job opportunities, and putting good teaching tactics into practice. So, if you’re a student searching for a way to make money while you learn, you should consider becoming a tutor.