Christmas is approaching, and you may be wondering what to buy your partner, family, friends, or even yourself. While it may not work as a Secret Santa gift with a small budget, Apple AirPods will likely be amongst the most popular gifts this Christmas, considering the product line has been growing year-on-year. For example, Apple sold almost 20 million units of AirPods in the first quarter of 2022 alone, which represents a 3% growth in the product line. Additionally, the continued popularity of these headphones comes from the fact that many people have realised that AirPods have more features than they think, including creating your own EQ.

Some Unknown AirPod Features You Didn’t Know About

Suppose you’re thinking about buying the AirPods Pro 2. In that case, whether you’re buying them from a brick-and-mortar store location or through an Apple premium reseller, you’ve probably seen AirPods’ heavily marketed features, such as active noise cancellation and personalised spacial audio. AirPods have other features worth exploring, such as creating your own EQ and using the conversation boost function to hear people louder in real-time.

1) Create Your Own EQ

If you want to listen to music with a particular sonic output, such as enhanced tone or vocal range, you can personalise this by going to the Headphone Accommodations setting on Apple’s iOS platform and completing the custom audio set-up process. The process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and you’ll be able to have a personalised listening experience from there on out. While the feature was initially developed for people with hearing impairments, the EQ feature on AirPods can benefit everyone, especially if you want a unique listening experience.

2) Conversation Booster

There’s nothing worse than conversing with someone, and you don’t hear what they say, especially when you’ve previously asked them to repeat themselves. But if you’re wearing the AirPods Pro 2, a Conversation Boost feature lets you increase the volume of the surrounding voices. The feature uses beam-forming microphones to make conversations and voices easier to hear, saving you trouble and sometimes embarrassment.

3) Live Listen

Have you ever walked out of a room but wanted to know what happened after leaving? For instance, if you go into the kitchen while your dog or child is playing in the living room and you still want to be able to monitor their safety. Fortunately, AirPods enable this as the product has a unique feature called live listen that uses the iPhone’s mic to project sounds and transfer them to your AirPods. This means that you can leave your iPhone in one room and go to the next wearing your AirPods and still be able to hear conversations and movements.

AirPod Features

AirPod Features

4) Customise Your Microphone

You can use AirPods to have device-free phone conversations, making it much easier to multi-task. However, many people don’t know that you can customise which headphone has the microphone, rather than switching between left and right. If you’re someone who would prefer the microphone to be in your right ear, you can select your desired earbud mic configuration by going to settings on your iPhone and choosing the AirPods Pro menu.

Despite growth in AirPod sales, some consumers still prefer wired headphones or don’t want to buy into the hype. However, as more people realise that AirPods have many hidden and unique features, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this product made it to the top Christmas gift list for 2024.