Searches for washed out denim rise by 133%, as fashion experts reveal seven of the biggest men’s fashion trends this autumn and winter

Research carried out by fashion experts at BoohooMAN has revealed the most popular Autumn fashion items for men, by examining the rise in monthly searches on Pinterest.

When searching for the most popular menswear trends, 40 different search terms were used, as well as multiple colour variations for items.

1. Washed out denim – 133% in monthly Pinterest searches

Pinterest searches have skyrocketed in the past three months, spiking at the end of September by 133% for washed out denim. Faded denim jackets and jeans have risen in popularity, in particular after Travis Kelce, NFL star and new boyfriend of Taylor Swift, was spotted wearing a double denim, blue and cream ensemble.

Styling double denim can seem daunting, however a matching set has proven to be particularly popular in recent months. Starting out with more neutral colours, such a greys or blacks is a safer option however, a washed-out denim look can offer a vintage feel that is timeless.

2. Green cargos – 102% increase in monthly Pinterest searches

This study revealed that green cargos are the most popular menswear item for Autumn, with a 102% increase in monthly Pinterest searches.

Cargo trousers have been seen on Justin Bieber and Ryan Reynolds and the A/W ‘23 runways of Martine Rose and Sacai. Cargo trousers are heavily inspired by the military style and have recently made a resurgence following their popularity in the early 2000s.

Cargo trousers can be worn casually with an oversized jumper or sweatshirt, and on colder days, layer with an oversized coat. If green isn’t your colour, try black or even denim cargos. Similarly, experimenting with fabrics is a good way to stay on trend but stand out, by opting for denim material cargo trousers, you can stay on trend but still have a classic and timeless feel to what you’re wearing, making it a great option for this season.

3. Flannel shirts – 93% increase in monthly Pinterest searches

The second most popular menswear item for Autumn is the flannel shirt, which has seen a 93% rise in monthly Pinterest searches.

The flannel shirt has appeared on the runways of Givenchy and Maison Margiela. Flannel shirts have been interpreted in many ways this season, one of which is through the trend of Grungecore, which embodies the grunge style seen on the likes of Kurt Cobain in the 90s. Think distressed denim jeans, baggy knitwear and lots of layering.

4. Aviator jackets – 90% increase in monthly Pinterest searches

Aviator jackets are the third most popular menswear trend for Autumn, with a 90% rise in monthly Pinterest searches.

Following from last year’s Top Gun: Maverick, the aviator style is proving to be a popular trend, making appearances on the runways of Giorgio Armani and Hermès.

Heavily inspired by military style, aviator jackets were originally designed to keep pilots warm during WWI and WWII. Today, aviator jackets are perfect for the colder months due to the faux shearling or fur lining. Try pairing an aviator jacket with straight-leg or wide-leg denim jeans for a perfect Autumn look.

= 5. Tweed blazers – 70% increase

The fourth most popular menswear trend on Pinterest are tweed blazers, with a 70% rise in monthly searches.

Tweed is often associated with the middle and upper classes or classic English heritage, often featuring the traditional herringbone pattern. With the emergence of trends such as ‘stealth wealth,’ ‘preppy’ and ‘quiet luxury,’ tweed has made its way into the mainstream with appearances on runways including MSGM and Givenchy.

Instead of a classic black suit, switch to a tweed one for a more contemporary, cool look. Pair a tweed blazer with straight-leg jeans for a casual, everyday look.

=5. Corduroy trousers – 70% increase

Corduroy trousers are the joint fourth most popular menswear item for Autumn, with a 70% monthly increase in Pinterest searches.

Popular in the 1970s, corduroy has made a comeback, featuring in the Autumn/Winter ‘23 runways of Paul & Joe and Kenzo. Try incorporating black or dark green corduroy trousers into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe for a subtle nod to the trend. If you want to commit fully, add a matching corduroy blazer for a more formal look.

6. Trench coats – 50% increase

Trench coats are the fifth most popular menswear trend for Autumn, with a 50% rise in monthly Pinterest searches.

Trench coats are timeless and feature repeatedly in Autumn/Winter collections. Trench coats are widely associated with Burberry but have been reimagined by brands such as Dior and Alexander Mcqueen.

Traditionally trench coats are beige, but adding a black or khaki trench to your look will look just as good. Try pairing a trench with baggy jeans for a more laid-back look.

The most popular menswear items for Autumn

Rank Item Monthly increase in Pinterest searches
1. Washed out denim 133%
2. Green cargos 100%
3. Flannel shirt 93%
4. Aviator jacket 90%
5.(=) Tweed blazer 70%
5.(=) Corduroy trousers 70%
6. Trench coat 50%

A spokesperson for BoohooMAN says: “Trends come and go in fashion, and it can often be difficult to know what’s currently in style. This research shows the items that people are searching for the most on Pinterest this month, which offers a great insight into what men are most interested in wearing this Autumn.

There are many items that can come in and out of fashion so it’s always important to have some staples in your wardrobe, for example, a pair of classic denim jeans work perfectly with any outfit and depending on the colour, can be suitable for any occasion. By investing in a classic staple like denim jeans, you can experiment with trends without deviating from your comfort zone.”