What do most college students want? They want two things: to achieve academic success and meet the love of their life. The problem is that they don’t know how to balance it all. They often decide to focus on studying and give up on dating.

However, if you choose the right strategy, you can enjoy being in a romantic relationship while keeping up with your school projects. Here are five tips that make love-studies balance possible.

Set a Schedule

If you go on dates every day, you won’t be able to stay focused on your studies. The best strategy for you is to choose one or two days a week for dating and dedicate all other days to studying. 

Let’s say you choose Fridays as your “dating day”. When someone asks you out, you should say that you are busy during the week but are free on Friday. If you follow this schedule, your love affairs will not distract you from studying, and you will have plenty of time to work on your school projects and write your essays.

Date Online

Have no time for going on dates? Try online dating – meet and chat with new people on the app. Once you understand that you have found someone special, take your relationship offline and go on your first real date.

If you are a shy person, online dating also will be beneficial for you. It’s much easier to start a conversation with a stranger via chat than talk to someone in a bar.

Set Healthy Boundaries

When starting a new relationship, you must clearly outline your boundaries. You should explain to your partner that your studies are important to you and ask them to follow a couple of simple rules, for instance:

  • Don’t call me after 11 p.m. – I need to get enough sleep to perform well.
  • Don’t ask me out when I study for my exams.
  • Don’t help me with my assignments unless I ask you for help.

Setting such boundaries allows you to build a healthy relationship while you keep moving toward your academic goals.

Study Together

Do you date a college student who is as busy as you? If so, the chances are you find it challenging to dedicate time for romantic dates. If you want to spend more time as a couple, you can try to study together. For instance, you can find a nice spot at a public library, park, or café where you can sit calmly and work on your assignments. When you need a break from your studies, you can grab a cup of coffee and have a nice conversation with each other.

Work Out Together

Do you jog, do yoga, or work out at the gym in the morning? Invite your partner to join you and have some extra time together. 

Physical activity helps your body release endorphins, dopamine, and endocannabinoids. So, when you exercise together, you get an opportunity to bond and connect with each other on a chemical level.

Take a Break

Once you understand that your love affair affects your academic results, you should talk to your partner about pausing your relationship. If your partner truly loves you, they will support your desire to achieve academic excellence. They will give you a few weeks to catch up with your studies and will be waiting to start seeing you again.

Wrapping Up

Your relationships and your future career are equally important. So, if you want to live a happy life, you should find a way to balance love and studies. We hope you follow these simple tips and enjoy being in a relationship while excelling academically.