Up to 97% of Mature Students Are Missing Out On Saving Up To ⅓ OFF Train Travel

Railcard.co.uk has found that over half a million mature students aged 26 and above could be missing out on discounted rail travel, despite eligibility for a 16-25 Railcard. Railcard.co.uk is seeking to remind mature students across Great Britain that they too can opt-in for the 16-25 Railcard, and start saving off their train travel – available through Railcard.co.uk!

Railcard.co.uk have revealed that less than 3% of their 16-25 Railcard users are mature students. With 547,980 mature students* enrolled in 21/22, potentially as little as 3.01% are taking advantage of the offer. Railcard.co.uk is calling out for full-time students over the age of 26 to opt-in, so they can start saving ⅓ on their rail fares.

Catherine Lyver from Railcard.co.uk said “Returning to university can be a big commitment, and we hope to make things a little easier by reminding mature college and uni students in full-time education, that they too are eligible for the 16-25 Railcard. At just £30 for one year, students can make an average saving of £140 annually on their train travel. Whether taking the train to and from uni or weekend trips with family and friends, you’ll have made back the cost in just a few trips”.

This year Railcard.co.uk is encouraging mature students embarking on their higher education journeys, whether for the first time or returning to their studies, to get their 16-25 Railcard at www.Railcard.co.uk and start enjoying all the additional benefits that university life has to offer!