In a glimpse into his aspirations, Lewis Richardson discusses his belief in becoming an Olympian and a World Champion. While acknowledging the importance of patience in the process, he expresses dedication to reaching these goals in due course.

Lewis Richardson Interview

Hello Lewis, thanks for your time! Can you start by telling us how you first got into boxing?

I first got into boxing to build fitness for my football (dream) career. My brother, Deacon who is 4 years older, had been going down the local boxing gym for a few months prior to me to lose weight, and encouraged me to attend the gym. Me and 11 friends from our council estate made our way to the gym and I continued from there!

You recently graduated with a distinction in Sports Business Management at the Masters Degree level! What was your time as a student like, and how would you describe the course?

It was a challenge to manage the two commitments, but I would say it was a positive distraction to take my mind off of boxing in certain times when you can overthink situations. The course was great, very similar to a Business Management Degree but with a focus on the Sports industry, perfect for my interests! Was applied also which I felt made it more practical.

What’s the best thing about Sheffield Hallam University?

SHU are an applied University, and I liked this aspect. The university was very supportive of my sporting commitments and allowed me flexibility when required, also supporting me with a scholarship. It was also convenient that the university is only 10 minutes from GB Boxing’s gym in Sheffield!

Huge congratulations for winning Gold in the Algarve Box Cup in Portugal recently! 3 wins in 3 days at a new weight is a huge achievement to end the year on! What was the build-up to the cup like for you?

Thank you! The build-up was quick due to having boxed only 3 weeks prior in Spain (also having 3 wins there to achieve another gold medal). Although it was a quick preparation camp, I felt great going into the tournament and it showed when I came back with another gold medal.

You’ve won numerous awards, which to date has meant the most to you?

It’s hard to put one award stand-alone which has meant the most to me. I am proud to have achieved a variety of things so far in my life, whether that be sporting performance, academic or community-based. All mean a lot to me and I am very grateful to have been recognised for my achievements.

You’re clearly a very determined person, and I noticed on your LinkedIn profile you mention you are a future World Champion… When do you envisage this happening?

I do believe I am capable of being an Olympian and a World Champion and whilst I would prefer these things to happen sooner rather than later, you cannot rush the process. I will continue dedicating myself to the sport and I will reach my goals in due course.

Who’s been the toughest opponent you’ve fought so far?

Oleksandr Khyzhniak from Ukraine – an absolute beast, multi World and European Champion and Olympic silver medalist.

Leading up to a fight, how much do you study an opponent and is this aspect as important as the physical training?

As an elite amateur, you often don’t find out who you are boxing until the evening before or the morning of the bout. As a result, you don’t have a lot of time to study specifics of an opponent. Focus on the controllable factors and the rest will look after itself.

Lewis Richardson Interview: Elite Amateur with Boxing World Champion Vision

Lewis Richardson Interview: Elite Amateur with Boxing World Champion Vision

What weight do you feel most confident fighting at, and what level of training do you have to put in to keep in top shape?

71-75kg – training 12-15 times a week. A combination of boxing, cardio and strength and conditioning.

Either current or retired, which fighter do you most look up to and why?

Joe Calzaghe for his achievements in the sport. The best fighter out of Britain.

What advice would you give a younger Lewis Richardson?

Enjoy the journey! There are highs and lows on the journey, embrace and enjoy it, it’s a short career. Stay focused, work hard and never stop learning!

What are you goals for 2024 and beyond?

Olympic glory and then success in the professional ranks. Continue to grow and become a better person.

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