Christmas is the time of the year when it’s okay for everyone (not just kids) to make wishes. While you might wish for many other things, growth, success, and productivity in your work are most definitely a part.

That said, you might be able to make one of those wishes come true right now by getting yourself the Mobile Pixels Trio laptop screen extender. Laptop users worldwide have testified to the incredibility of this device in making anyone more productive, whether you are a student, a lecturer, an employee, your own boss, a remote worker, or even a mum. With the extender, you can do more, see more, and of course, reach more—hence, making it the best gift ever!

Do you want to find out more about this gift of productivity that can change the coming year for you? Then, let’s keep going.

Understanding the laptop screen extender

So people have been talking about the screen extender, from users to manufacturers—the big question is why. Why is it such a buzz topic? The laptop screen extender came to light as far back as 2020 before the COVID hit. However, it wasn’t so much of a trend. Everyone was out and about in their world, and people were almost too busy to read the news, listen to updates, or even take a break.

However, when the pandemic came, the whole world paused, and everyone was home. This global event caused 99% of the world to stay home and for some, to work from home. That was the beginning of the popularity of this productivity tool.

The device is generally designed like a backpack for laptops and like other backpacks, it is made to carry all your load. With the triple-screen extender, you can offload some tasks, tabs, and windows from the single window screen to the two other screens. This advantage was a major life-changing experience for those who were used to having multiple computers back in the office.

Students could attend lectures online, write notes, and check references at the same time without switching tabs. Gamers could multitask, and so could stock traders, data analysts, content creators, graphic designers, and basically everyone.

It was a major productivity driver, and when COVID-19 zoomed past, people couldn’t stop using the extender (why would they?) That’s why it’d be very shocking if you still weren’t on the moving train.

Here’s why the laptop screen extender is the perfect gift for a productivity boost.

Besides all the other tiny details shoved into the paragraph above, these are five convincing reasons the triple monitor extender is a must for you if productivity enhancement is your Christmas wish:

You become a master of multitasking

Even though numerous records have started to show that multitasking might not be the way to go for better focus, you have to admit that even a single task requires other sub-tasks. For instance, if you were editing a video, you’d need to preview your work, research, and even maybe take notes on the side. The laptop extender, which gives you two extra laptop screens will enable you to do that effectively, hence increasing your efficiency and productivity.

Minimise time spent switching tabs

Can you relate to having 678362 tabs while working? If this is you, then this is your solution. Instead of having those multitudes of tabs on a single window (which slows down your browser or computer), you can customise and arrange your screens so that only a few related tabs are on one screen. Remember that time wasted equals money wasted (time is money).

It enhances focus and reduces distractions

Speaking of things that can go to waste without the triple screen extender, it’s also focus. Switching tabs consistently can cause you to lose focus or even worse, could lead you into distractions. If that sounds familiar, then you need the screen extender. Since tabs are organised, there is a lower probability that you’d even switch tabs (with three screens) and hence, you’d stay focused.

Teamwork becomes more productive

If you work with collaborations, presentations, or generally as a team, you’ll find that this device boosts your productivity a ton. The device is not just set for ‘solo’ mode. By turning the screens into 90 or 180 degrees, you can turn them into a screen for your team member or even for a presentation. The different modes make it easy for you to make a presentation or collaborate even on the go.

It makes you look professional

Have you ever heard that how your workspace looks affects your work productivity? It’s true. If you have a messy workspace, you can hardly get any work done. The same idea applies to if your workspace looks impressive and professional. The touch of a triple screen extender gives your desk a sophisticated set-up, affecting your perception of working positively.

Should you get the laptop screen extender?

In one word, yes, you should. It’s a productivity boost and the answer to your wish if you seek growth work-wise. Recall that you don’t necessarily have to be an office worker to have one of these. As long as you use a laptop, this is a must-have and lucky for you, you might find some interesting discounts this season. So, start your shopping as early as you can.