Nestled in the heart of the student community, Boulder Shack emerges not just as a climbing centre but as a vibrant hub where sports, socialisation, and academia come together. This isn’t your typical climbing gym; it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a second home for students from all walks of life.

Boulder Shack: A Community Beyond Climbing

Bouldering is so much more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle at Boulder Shack. The centre caters to everyone, from novices to professional climbers, creating a mix of experiences and backgrounds. It’s more than climbing; it’s about building connections, pushing boundaries, and finding your space in a diverse community.

Why Boulder Shack is the Go-To Spot for Students

Boulder Shack stands out as a unique destination for students, blending the thrill of bouldering with fitness options. Welcoming climbers of all levels, it provides an inclusive and vibrant environment that extends beyond climbing. The proximity to the university makes it a convenient retreat, offering a complimentary cup of tea for walk-ins for a relaxing break from studies. 🍵

The Shack is also a great social hub. With its ‘Shelf of Fun’ and comfortable setting, it’s perfect for unwinding and connecting with peers. Students find it an ideal place to balance study and leisure, offering cosy spaces for catching up on coursework in a relaxed atmosphere. 💻

Regular climbing competitions add to the excitement, fostering a sense of community and friendly rivalry. Understanding student budgets, Boulder Shack offers special membership discounts, making it an accessible and affordable option for students. 💸

Boulder Shack is not just your average climbing gym; it’s a community space where we welcome students to climb, relax, and study, all under one roof. It’s a testament to the Shack’s philosophy of providing a relaxed, welcoming environment where every student can find their place. 🌍


Come and discover what makes Boulder Shack a unique and beloved part of the student experience. See you at the Shack, where adventure and camaraderie await at every climb! 🧗‍♂️