The Go Safe Glasgow road safety partnership has just launched its biggest-ever road safety and public spaces campaign.

The LET’S LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER campaign has been designed to encourage all road users, regardless of whether they drive, ride, cycle or walk, to be polite, respectful, and courteous to each other as we go about our daily lives. It’s about asking people to replicate on the road what they already do off the road, for example, saying thank you for a door held open or to someone who steps aside to let you pass or just smiling at a fellow citizen out for a daunder with their dog. It’s about passing on that feel-good factor, creating a chain reaction of positive and safe road user behaviour and reminding everyone that we are all in the same shared space just trying to get from A to B to do whatever it is we need to do.

Glasgow City Council has committed to achieving net zero carbon, a minimum reduction of 30% of car kilometres travelled, and ‘Vision Zero’ where no-one is killed or seriously injured on Glasgow’s roads, streets, cycle ways and footpaths, all by 2030.

The purpose of these ambitions is to create a safer, fairer and healthier city for the people who live and work here. The way people move around Glasgow has a huge part to play in creating a clean and sustainable city, reducing inequality and growing an inclusive economy. The Council want to create opportunities for people to travel easily and sustainably, by designing streets for people, making efficient use of road space and in turn reducing the reliance on cars.

Positive road safety attitudes and behaviours have a huge part to play in achieving Glasgow’s ambitions.

For more information on the campaign, please visit

So, let’s look out for each other and Go Safe Glasgow.