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Ever find yourself on a long car or plane journey and realise you are running out of battery in your phone or tablet? Or at a festival with only 1% of battery life left, but really wanting to phone your best friend later when their favourite band is playing? Well fret no more; the mini magic bank is here! This small and stylish highly portable charger can be used to juice up your mobile when no mains power is available. It works a bit like rechargeable batteries! You charge it up at home and then carry it around with you for power on the go. One full charge will full replenish an iPhone 4 battery almost two times over. It even features a handy torch, making it doubly useful on camping trips. Also available in white or pink.

Supplied with

  • Black High capacity 5200 mAh Power Bank Li-Ion Battery
  • Charging Lead
  • USB Lead to charge iPhone 3G/ 3Gs/ 4/ 4s
  • Mini USB to charge Samsung phones, Kindle and other compatible mini USB devices allowing 5.2V.
  • Can also be used to charge an iPhone 5 (simply use the USB lead that comes with your phone charger to connect to the power bank)
  • Built in torch!
  • Connect your Power Bank to the mains using the Mini USB provided and charge for 5 hours for maximum charging capacity
  • 5 LED lights indicate status. Red lights means charging, blue means charged
  • When required, connect your phone or other USB compatible device using the required lead and away you go!
  • The amount of charge remaining in the power bank can be determined by turning it on when not connected. Each LED that lights up blue represents 20% of charge, (so five lights means full to the brim!)
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